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Amsterdam Music School DamVibes


Marco Gonzalvo

Pianist, singer, composer, songwriter and audio-videoclip producer.

Florin Mantale- Piano Teacher at Amsterdam Damvibes Music School

Florin Mantale

Piano teacher, musician, performer and educator

Music Production School in Amsterdam by Sound Engineer Teacher Gavin Wiltshire

Gavin Wiltshire

Guitar teacher and music producer

Drum Lessons in Amsterdam

Nick Thessalonikefs

Drum teacher, professional drummer

Guitar Teacher Francisco Garrido

Francisco Garrido

Guitar teacher, performer

Singing teacher Sofia Nakou

Sofia Nakou

Singing teacher,  performer

Pianoles in Amsterdam - Joel Gester

Joel Gester

Piano teacher, pianist and baritone

Ayşegül Yörükoğlu

Aysegul Yorukoglu

Piano teacher and professional pianist

Why DamVibes?

DamVibes is a musical project for children and adults who are willing to include music in their lives. 

Music is a discipline that presents a lot of benefits for the development of our brain, such as improvement of our memory, psychomotricity, increment of our social skills, self-esteem booster…

It’s true that during our childhood our brain is more capable of absorbing new knowledge. That’s why we think this stage is ideal for children to start learning music. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that adults cannot make profit from the benefits of music. We believe that nobody should lose the chance to learn music, no matter the age. That’s why we want to make music accessible and fun for everyone!

During this project we will work in different Courses, organized in group lessons structured by age. We will sing, play different percussion instruments and experiment with the possibilities of our body through body percussion. Moreover, at the end of the Courses we will have a great concert in which we will show all the work done so far.

But that’s not all! We will use two or three sessions of the project to make a Professional Videoclip made by all of our students in which we will perform the songs we have been working in the course. Furthermore, this will be a nice gift for both parents and students.

We encourage you to check our website to get all the details about us, and do not hesitate to subscribe to our courses. We assure you that there is a great musical world waiting for you in DamVibes.

Are you ready to feel the music?


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