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Wednesdays: 18:00-19:00

Perfect your acting and singing skills in our classes and workshops: Get the most of your talent, work on stage performance, voice technique and theater acting, ALL IN ONE!  – All the lessons will be given in english.

Nina Virant - Professional Singer and Actress


Wednesdays: 18:00-19:00

Let your kids’ imagination fly, let them potentiate all their talent, and learn english meanwhile!

Videoclip made by Damvibes students

Content of our Acting & Musical Theater Classes

Music Theater and Acting Classes

Our acting classes include solfege, rhythm, entonation, etc. so you can have the most complete music education. Moreover, these fields will make students improve and learn music theater skills

Voice Technique

Sometimes, singing technique is understimated, and this is a big error. A bad singing technique may derive into an injury to both amateur and professional players. Moreover, a good technique can produce a better and more beautiful sound, especially in string instruments such as the violin. See this technique tips


Technique is crucial but the ultimate goal in music is to enjoy making music and make others enjoy aswell, that’s why Expressivity and interpretation will be included in our classes so our students perform pieces on stage like professional musicians do. 

Nina Virant, our singing teacher

Nina Virant - Professional Singer and Actress

Prices and Location of Amsterdam Musical School Damvibes

Duration of the piano lessons

45 Minutes


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FAQ of our Acting & Music Theater Classes

Nuestras clases de guitarra se realizan a domicilio, por lo que en cualquier punto de Zaragoza podrás recibir a tu profesor. En caso de preferirlo también puedes dirigirte al estudio del profesor. 

Las clases de guitarra se ofrecen desde 30 minutos a 11 euros, pero puedes elegir de cuánto tiempo constará tu clase. 

In Amsterdam Musical School Damvibes we offer acting classes given by professional artists around the world. In this case, Nina Virant will be in charge of our music theater workshops, a professional singer and actress.

We work on singing technique, as well as stage performance and acting.