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Nick, our Drum Teacher

Nick Thessalonikefs

Drum teacher, musician, performer and educator

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LEGAL information
DamVibes or DamVibes.nl is a commercial name used only for marketing purposes. The names DamVibes or DamVibes.nl are referred to his founder and director Marco Gonzalvo
These Terms and Conditions apply to everyone signing in www.DamVibes.nl through our Sign In Pages
Students are entering into a business relationship directly with DamVibes.nl. When a Student signs in DamVibes.nl website, the Student is hiring DamVibes.nl to provide services to you through our network of independent Teachers. You acknowledge that Teachers are independent contractors who operate a separate and distinct business from DamVibes.nl. As such, we do not control the manner or method of service to you, exercise no control over the working relationship and do not warrant the service of any Teacher. DamVibes is not responsible for any action or behaviour from the Teacher other than giving a lesson.
DamVibes.nl reserves the right to modify at any time these general conditions, by posting a new version on the site www.damvibes.nl .
DamVibes.nl, the Student or the Teacher may terminate their contract at any time, without having to justify a reason
Both parties, Student(or parent) and Teacher determine the date/time schedule of each lesson and the frequency in which the lessons will be set.
The purpose of the website of DamVibes.nl is to connect Teachers and Students

TRIAL Lesson
First lesson is free. All Students have the right to have a free trial lesson

PAYMENT in advance
Lessons are set at the beginning of the month, paying them in advance, by Bank Transfer. For instance, If the Student has lessons on Thursdays and January 2019 has 5 Thursdays, the Student should pay 5 lessons in advance.
The Student can decide how many lessons he/she wants to set at the beginning of the month (or earlier) and pay only for those. Strong recommendation for weekly lessons.
The Teacher cannot give a lesson that has not been paid

RESCHEDULING the lessons:
Changing the time/date of the lesson may be changed only 48 hours before the lesson or earlier under agreement of both parties.
Lessons not rescheduled on time will be lost.
The Teacher has the right to cancel or reschedule at any moment before the lesson, only in case of emergency, for instance, due to illness.

CANCELLING the lesson - no need to reschedule
Also the Student cancel a lesson 7 days in advance or earlier. As the payment has been done at the beginning of the month, the next month the Student will pay 1 fewer lesson (or reschedule). For example, January 2019 has 4 lessons. The Student will pay 4 lessons at the beginning of the month. In case that, unexpectedly, the Student has to cancel the 4th lesson 7 days in advance or earlier, on February the Student will not have to pay the whole amount of lessons, but one fewer (or reschedule the one that has been cancelled).
Lessons not cancelled on time will be lost.

According to the Terms and Conditions of DamVibes Services, both Teacher and Student committed to stay linked to DamVibes, thus, lessons cannot be set unofficially or without the acknowledge of DamVibes

BANK details
Beneficiary name: Marco Gonzalvo
Description Month/Student’s name
Bank Acc. Nr: NL37ABNA0818949651

Handelregister: Marco Gonzalvo
KVK-nummer 67150969
Registered in Jan van Galenstraat 117, 3 1056BK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: +31641370855 or contact@damvibes.nl