Berlin Music School Damvibes

Music lessons for Kids and Adults - Beginner to Advanced

๐Ÿ  Berlin Music School Damvibes offers music lessons at the teacher's studio or at home!

๐ŸŽ“ Our music teachers in Berlin are graduated by the main Conservatories in Europe

๐Ÿ“š Learn music in all music styles - individual & group lessons

๐Ÿ“Optionally, learn sheet music reading and music theory

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Lessons in Berlin Music School Damvibes

Piano drawing for music classes in Berlin

Piano lessons

Kids and Adults

drumset drawing of our music academy in Berlin

Drums lessons

Kids and Adults

Guitar drawing of our music school in Berlin

Guitar lessons

Kids and Adults

Microphone for music classes in Berlin

Singing lessons

Kids and Adults

violin drawing of our music institution in Berlin

Violin lessons

Kids and Adults

Music Teachers in Berlin Music School Damvibes

We are proud to say that our Music Instructors in Berlin are experts graduated from the best Conservatories in Europe. Moreover, they combine their professional and artistic career with their pedagogical labour. Just get amazed by their biographies and CV's!

Guitar lessons in Berlin - Teacher Greg
๐Ÿ“ Music lessons in Berlin, Neukolln
๐Ÿš™ I can travel to you
- BA in Music , Masters in Contemporary Composition, Grade 8 in Classical Guitar (Trinity College London)
- Masters in Contemporary Classical Composition
Singing lessons in Berlin - Natalia
๐Ÿ“ Music lessons in Berlin Charlottenburg
๐Ÿš™ You travel to me
- Bachelor in Music Speciality Singing Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina)
- International Opera Singer (Soprano)
Singing lessons in Berlin - Teacher Domino
๐Ÿ“ Music lessons in Berlin Treptowerpark
๐Ÿš™ I can travel to you
- Bachelor in Jazz singing at "Saint Louis College of Music" in Rome. Vote 110/110
- International Singer
Drum lessons in Berlin - Teacher Marcos
๐Ÿ“ Music lessons in Berlin, Lichtenberg Rummelsburg
๐Ÿš™ I can travel to you
- Drumtrainer Berlin - Profi-training (certificate)
- I was granted a scholarship for the Profi-Training at Drumtrainer Berlin - 2014
Picture for music classes at your place in Berlin

At your place

Berlin Music School Damvibes brings your music classes at your place, so you don't need to worry about dislocating!

Music teachers in Berlin - profile pictures

At the teacher's studio

Damvibes chose our music tutors strategically along the Berlin map, so the location doesn't become a problem!

Picture for music lessons online

Online lessons

Most of our music teachers in Berlin are equipped and prepared for providing online lessons in a professional way

How doesย Berlin Music School work?

๐Ÿ“ 1. Book a trial lesson

You just need to choose a music teacher and fill in a quick form in less than 1 minute. We recommend you take into account variables such as location or specialties.

๐Ÿ“… 2. Trial Schedule

One of our music teachers will get in touch with you as soon as they can, generally, it will take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. Then, you both agree on the day/time of the trial lesson

๐Ÿ’ณ 3. Trial payment

Get 30% discount on your first music lesson inย  Berlin! The trial lesson is 30 minutes long. Just make sure you process the payment 24 hours before the lesson. Enjoy your first trial!

๐Ÿ“… 4. Monthly system

At the beginning of the month you’ll receive a payment email (payment in advance). But the best of all, you can pick as many lessons as you like, no minimum required!

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Prices of our Music courses in Berlin

Individual and groupย Music lessons for kids and adults

60 minutes
25 Class
  • 2-4 students
30 minutes
30 Class
  • 1 student
45 minutes
35 Class
  • 1 student
20% discount
60 minutes
40 Class
  • 1 student
30% discount

Who can apply to Berlin Music School Damvibes?

Teenager listening to music

Music lessons for children and teenagers in Berlin

Our music lessons are carefully designed for kids, this way, kids learn music the best way possible; having fun!

An adult having a piano lesson

Music lessons for adults in Berlin

Who said adults can’t learn music? Our music lessons are aimed for adults aswell. In fact, half of our students are adults!

FAQ over our music classes in Berlinย 

Our music teachers in Berlin are professional musicians and graduated from the best conservatories in Europe and we carefully choose them in order to provide the best music education possible!

Berlin Music School Damvibes offers individual and group lessons for kids and adults of all ages and levels

We are not a common music school, we are better than that! Our music school provides lessons all along the Berlin's map, and that's because we don't want the location and schedule become a problem. All our music teachers have a studio available for the classes!

Berlin Music School Damvibes does not offer a music degree, and that's because we believe that every single student is different and requires a special, and customized music tutoring

Other Music Schools in Berlin

Music schools and academies recommended by Damvibes

We believe that music education should reach every corner of Berlin, that’s why hereby we recommend other music academies that could be ideal for certain type of students.

BIMM Berlin Music Institute

BIMM Berlin Music Institute is an institution aimed for students who seek having a professional music education, similar to a typical Conservatory, as it offers a Degree in Music Performance. BIMM Berlin Music Institute offers music courses such as guitar, bass, keyboards, songwriting, drums or vocals, as well as, music marketing and songwriting. All of these courses are aimed mainly for contemporary music style

University of Art in Berlin (Universitรคt der Kรผnste Berlin) (1)

University of Art in Berlin is commonly called “Berlin College of Music” and it is focused mainly on classical music instruments. Its courses cover also disciplines such as conducting, church music, early music and music education. Ideal for students who are aiming a professional music career in Berlin. 

Berlin Summer University of the Arts (2)

It’s great news that the University of Arts from Berlin has a summer music school, for those who are not professionals but would like to deepen into the world of music theory.

Berlin High School for Music "Hanns Eisler" (Hochschule fรผr Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin)

Berlin High School for Music “Hanns Eisler” is specialized in classical music, and as such, it offers music courses such as chamber music, piano, violin, cello, clarinet, etc. Basically, any classical music instrument that you can imagine is offered in this Conservatory. Berlin, as the cradle of classical music could not leave out a Conservatory that offers Music Degrees for almost every field. This Music College is aimed mainly for professional musicians that already have a minor degree in classical music. You can have more information at the Berlin Conservatory’s Website

Berlin Music Academy For Audio & Music Production

Of course, we needed a great Music School that has music production and music engineering as a cornerstone. Music Courses from this college start from level zero, so every person interested music production, fill in the Sign Up form and start mixing your tracks!

Where in Berlin can you have music lessons?

Discover the Melodic World of Music School Berlin - Find Your Music Teacher

Embark on an inspiring musical journey with Music School Berlin! Unleash your musical talents as you explore the diverse neighborhoods of the vibrant German capital. Each district boasts a unique blend of history and modernity, offering an ideal environment for your musical pursuits.

Masterful Music Tuition in Mitte - Embrace Musical Excellence with Expert Teachers

Immerse yourself in the heart of Berlin with expert Music Tuition in Mitte. Skilled music teachers await to guide you in refining your talents. Enroll in Music School classes here and experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a solid musical foundation or an advanced musician aiming for excellence, Mitte’s central location and artistic atmosphere create an inspiring environment to nurture your musical abilities.

Music Classes in Kreuzberg - Unleash Your Artistic Expression with Dedicated Tutors

Find your artistic expression in the creative charm of Kreuzberg, where Music School classes foster your passion for music. The vibrant streets and diverse community provide the perfect setting for your musical journey. Embrace the opportunity to explore various musical genres and develop your unique style under the guidance of dedicated music tutors.

Cultivate Musical Brilliance in Prenzlauer Berg - A Melodic Sanctuary with Skilled Teachers

Indulge in the artistic atmosphere of Prenzlauer Berg, a neighborhood known for its creative energy. The abundance of cultural events and artistic venues create a nurturing environment for aspiring musicians seeking Music School classes. Tailored music lessons in Prenzlauer Berg cater to all levels, empowering you to unlock your musical brilliance and find your place in the thriving Berlin music scene with the help of skilled music teachers.

Dynamic Music Courses in Friedrichshain - Striking the Right Chord with Innovative Tutors

Embrace the dynamic energy of Friedrichshain, a lively district with a rich musical history. The diverse music schools and innovative music courses inspire musicians seeking to expand their horizons. Friedrichshain’s music schools adopt cutting-edge teaching methodologies, fostering a vibrant community of music tutors, empowering you to master your craft with artistic expression and technical finesse.

Melodic Oasis in Charlottenburg - Unleashing Your Musical Talent with Experienced Teachers

Discover Charlottenburg, an elegant neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage. Lose yourself in the artistic charm of historic landmarks and cultural venues, providing the perfect backdrop for your musical journey. Music tuition in Charlottenburg unlocks the harmonious fusion of Berlin’s cultural heritage and modern music education. Whether you seek classical training or contemporary music exploration, Charlottenburg’s inviting ambiance will ignite your creativity and musicality under the guidance of experienced music teachers.


As you embark on your melodious quest with Music School Berlin, each neighborhood offers its unique allure. Mitte’s artistic excellence, Kreuzberg’s creative expression, Prenzlauer Berg’s melodic sanctuary, Friedrichshain’s dynamic vibe, and Charlottenburg’s cultural richness provide a symphony of music education and opportunities for your musical exploration. Enroll in Music School classes in Berlin today, and let the rhythm of this vibrant city guide you toward a world of artistic expression and musical brilliance under the guidance of experienced music teachers and tutors.