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Frequently asked questions from our music students

Our music school offers personalized music lessons for home tuiton or at the teacher's studio. 

Of course! Nowadays, every teacher is perfectly capable, technologically speaking, to give a music lesson online.

We offer individual instrumet lessons, for all ages and levels!

Our individual lessons cost around 40€/hour but the prices may vary according to travel expenses or the duration of the lessons. You can have a free trial music lesson!

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Violin drawing (mobile)

Learn Violin

Learning how to play violin: for beginners How to play the violin step by step: Introduction: Parts of the violin Learning how to play the

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Learn Guitar

Learn How to Play the Guitar – for Beginners How to Play the Guitar: A Step-by-Step Guide Introduction Taking the first step in any new

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2000+ students learn music with Damvibes

See what our students say about our music school!

Lara singing in Music school Amsterdam DamVibes

“This music academy is great, I learned how to play piano and percussion in 1 month!”Lara

Tom enjoying his music classes in our school

“I have been learning how to play piano since 3 years ago, now I can play difficult pieces!”Tom

Farida talking about Music Lessons for Kids in Amsterdam

“All the music classes in Damvibes Music School are really exciting, I loved singing on the videoclip”Farida

Carla Playing percussion in Amsterdam Music School DamVibes

“I love playing violin. It’s been amazing to have lessons in Music School Damvibes!” – Carla

Isabelle ready to sing in a videoclip recording session

“I wanted to have music lessons because I was a beginner. Music School Damvibes gave me the possibility to learn more and more”Isabelle

Oliver recording a song in Music School Amsterdam DamVibes

“When I moved here I definetely wanted to have music classes in Amsterdam, I just wanted to sing and play and in DamVibes I can do everything at the same time!”Oliver

Online Music lessons and courses!

Music education based on innovation and high quality music teachers

Piano drawing

Learn Piano Online

Learn piano with our online courses or with a personal teacher, no matter if you are beginner or an advanced student.. In case you were wondering, our piano lessons are individually designed for each young student, kid or adult and our piano teachers are certified by renowned European Conservatories. 

Picture of a guitar

Online Guitar Lessons

Learn guitar right now with expert players in a wide range of styles – from classical and jazz to rock and indie. All our guitar teachers are trained in the best conservatories of Europe. Suitable for all ages – our guitar classes are perfect for every player – from the budding beginner to the more advanced student.

Voice lessons in Amsterdam music school Damvibes

Online Singing Clases

Damvibes Music School offers vocal coaching and voice training. Learn how to sing now with one of our amazing singing tutors and discover a new world by learning voice and singing technique! Aimed for both beginner and advanced students, have a free trial lesson now!

Picture of a violin

Online Violin Courses

Learning violin is one of the toughest things in the world of music, but luckily for you and for us, our violin teachers are graduated from reknown conservatories in Europe. Moreover, every student is different, and as such, we design our violin courses carefully so they meet your needs and goals.

Drumset picture

Online Drums Lessons

If you like rhythm and percussion you’ll love our drums classes. Our drums and percussion teachers are experts trained in the most renown conservatories of Europe. Have a free trial lesson and start learning with the best, at your own pace. For both beginner and advanced students!

Drawing of music instruments

Learn Music Theory

If you want to play an instrument you must know that the music theory is very important. Moreover, when you learn how to read music notes it also helps you to play more difficult pieces, thus, improve your instrument technique. Start learning music theory and solfege with our online music theory courses!

Who can join our music lessons?

Music Lessons for all!

Music Lessons for Kids

Music Lessons for Kids

Our music lessons are carefully designed for children, so students learn music in the most efficient way; having fun. Piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, drums lessons, music production and much more!

Music Lessons for Adults

Music Lessons for Adults

Who said adults can’t learn music? Our music lessons are also aimed for adults, actually, half of our students are adults! Our music teachers have experience in teaching music to all kind of ages, so take your instrument and start practicing!

Music Lessons for Beginners

Music Lessons for Beginners - Advanced Students

All our music teachers have plenty of material structured by level, so you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner or even if you want to learn music from scratch!