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DamVibes was conceived as a local music school to cater for the thriving artistic hub that is Amsterdam. One day, we realised if it was working here, so, why not expand to other cities? Now everyone in the world can learn music from us, exciting, isn’t it? The International Music Academy DamVibes offers music lessons for kids and adults, all kinds of styles and levels. Discover our Music School now, just choose one of our academies!

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What kind of music lessons we have?

Piano Lessons in our Music School

Piano Lessons

In our music schools, we offer piano tutorials for all, from beginners to professional musicians. Furthermore, we offer all kind of piano courses where students learn technique and a variety of styles such as jazz or classical. In addition, our piano teachers are certified by renowned European Conservatories. Learn to play piano in the most efficient way, try our piano classes for kids and adults!

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Learn guitar right now with expert players in a wide range of styles – from classical and jazz to thrash metal and Indie. All our guitar teachers are trained in the best conservatories of Europe and are experienced composers and performers in their own right. Suitable for all ages – our guitar classes and individual lessons are perfect for every player – from the budding beginner to the more advanced student.

Learn to Sing

Singing Lessons

DamVibes Music School offers vocal coaching and voice training. Learn to sing now with one of our amazing singing teachers and discover a new world by learning voice and singing technique!

Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

Music School DamVibes takes drums lessons seriously, that’s why our drum classes are given by professional drum teachers and performers from all around the world. 

Music Production School

Music Production Lessons

DamVibes is proud to now be a Music Production School! We offer immersive, fun and challenging music production lessons, taught by professional sound engineers and music producers with a wide range of experience in the creative industries.


Music Theory Lessons

If you want to play an instrument you must know that the music theory is very important. Moreover, when you learn how to read music notes it also helps you to play more difficult pieces, thus, improve your instrument technique.

Who can join our music lessons?

Music Classes for All

Music Lessons for Kids

Music Lessons for Kids

Our music lessons are carefully designed for children, so students learn music in the most efficient way; having fun. Piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, drums lessons, music production and much more!

Music Lessons for Adults

Music Lessons for Adults

Who said adults can’t learn music? Our music lessons are also aimed for adults, actually, half of our students are adults! Our music teachers have experience in teaching music to all kind of ages, so take your instrument and start practicing!

Music Lessons for Beginners

Music Lessons for Beginners - Advanced Students

All our music teachers have plenty of material structured by level, so you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner or even if you want to learn music from scratch!

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