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Profesora de violin en Zaragoza - Teo Doneva

Why Damvibes?

Numerous platforms attempt to attract students but often fall short. Why is that? Other platforms showcase an extensive array of teachers, but as you might be aware, their primary focus isn’t necessarily on helping you secure new students. This is because they impose a fixed subscription fee, regardless of whether you teach or not. In contrast, Damvibes uses a different approach. We showcase only a select few teachers, strategically positioned across the map. This deliberate placement minimizes competition among you and your peers, ensuring that you have access to all potential students in your vicinity.

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Happy teachers in Damvibes talk about us

Singing lessons in Brussels - Teacher Csilla

Csilla Szabó

Singing teacher, Brussels

“I got 19 potential students in 3 months, none of other platforms did that, Damvibes is just super efficient in selling my lessons”

Florin Mantale- Piano Teacher at Amsterdam Damvibes Music School

Florin Mantale

Piano teacher, Amsterdam

“With Damvibes I can make a living out of my piano lessons. Furthermore, Damvibes treats each teacher individually, bringing you a complete personalized service”

Kinga - Singing Teacher in Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

Kinga Radics

Piano teacher, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a very small city and it’s literally impossible to get so many contacts in such a short period of time, especially for international teachers. Basically every person interested in music lessons will find Damvibes”

Fair rates, higher than regular music schools 

1 to 1 personalized service
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Our Commitment

We, as artists and digital professionals, strongly believe in delivering the best service we can, not only for ethical reasons, but because…

If you earn money so do we, if you don’t, neither do we.

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Daiani Fiorini

portuguese Customer Service & Recruiter

Damvibes for Music Teachers 8

Marco Gonzalvo

English Customer Service & Musician

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Liuri Loami

CTO & SENIOR Developer

Rodrigo - Designer

Rodrigo Mônego

Web & marketing Designer

Eduardo Blasco

Eduardo Blasco

Senior Marketing & Publicity

María Dominguez

María Domínguez

Musician & Recruiter

100% Transparent Rates

Lessons at your studio/place or at the student's place

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How does it work?

1. Notification & Contact

You will receive an email notification every time you acquire a new student. You can then initiate communication with the student through our chat system.

2. Schedule a Trial lesson

You have the flexibility to coordinate with your student regarding the date and time for the trial lesson.

3. Book your lessons

After the student agrees to proceed with classes, you will be required to schedule and pre-book all the lessons for the upcoming month. Typically, this scheduling is done at the start of the month.

4. Damvibes Commissions

Damvibes charges a 25% fee for each lesson. At the end of each month, we will send you a receipt detailing the amount due. Payments can be made through a bank transfer.


Neither Damvibes nor its legal representation exercises any control over the services provided by the teachers, the methodology of the classes, the employment relationship between the teachers and the students, or the fiscal obligations of the teachers. Therefore, Damvibes teachers are considered independent contractors. Finally, Damvibes provides services including connecting potential students, a reservation system, a payment system, and academic consulting. These services are billed through regular bank transfers.

Damvibes’ income will depend on the amount of teaching you undertake. Therefore, we strive to connect you with as many students as possible. However, accurately estimating the number of students you will receive is challenging due to various factors such as your location, profile (including the musical style you teach, the quality of your video, and your teaching methodology), and the level of demand in your city. In smaller cities, you can anticipate receiving around 5 to 10 students per year, while in larger cities, you may receive between 20 to 30 potential students annually. 

Registration with Damvibes is entirely free. Our charges are applicable only when you teach, specifically, a 25% commission on each lesson.



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