Music School in Amsterdam

Music Lessons 100% customizable!

Amsterdam Music School Damvibes offers music lessons for kids and adults!

Music lessons at our installations, at your place or at the teacher’s studio!

Music Teachers certified by European Conservatories

Individual and group music lessons (2-4 students) 

Try Piano, Guitar, Singing, Drums, Flute and Violin lessons

Have 1 FREE trial lesson at your teacher’s studio or at home!

Have a free trial lesson!

*Only trial lessons at our installations have a fee of 15€

Lessons from Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

Individual music lessons or Group 2-4 students 

Have your lessons at the music school’s location, at your place or at the teacher’s studio!

Piano drawing

Piano lessons

Kids and Adults

Drumset picture

Drums lessons

Kids and Adults

Picture of a guitar

Guitar lessons

Kids and Adults

Picture of a voice microphone

Singing lessons

Kids and Adults

Picture of a violin

Violin lessons

Kids and Adults

Flute lessons in Amsterdam Damvibes - Icon

Flute lessons

Kids and Adults

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Classes at Amsteram Music School Damvibes

Enjoy a true musical enviroment with other disciplines and arts

📍 Our lessons can be given at our Music School in Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building) or at your place!

Music room in Amsterdam Damvibes
Music room in Music School Amsterdam Damvibes 2
Music room in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes
Hall of Music School Amsterdam Damvibes
Amsterdam Music School Damvibes location
Amsterdam music school damvibes location mobile
Student Concerts at Music School Amsterdam Damvibes
Student Concerts at Music School Amsterdam Damvibes

Student Concerts in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

Twice a year we organize concerts so our students feel encouraged to keep practicing. These concerts are optional, but we strongly recommend them, as both parents and children have an unforgetable experience!

Music Teachers - Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

Music teachers and international performers

We are pleased and proud to say that our Music Teachers are graduated from the best Conservatories in Europe. Moreover, they combine their professional and artistic career with their pedagogical labour. Just get amazed by their biographies and CV’s!

Florin Mantale- Piano Teacher at Amsterdam Damvibes Music School


Piano teacher, pianist and composer

Singing teacher Sofia Nakou


Singing teacher and performer 

Adrian 2 - Guitar teacher in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes


Guitar teacher, composer, performer

Guitar Teacher Francisco Garrido


Guitar teacher, composer, performer

Teresa - Violin teacher in Amsterdam Music Academy Damvibes


International performer and teacher

Drum Lessons in Amsterdam


Drum teacher, drummer & composer

Hila - Singing teacher in Amsterdam Damvibes


Singing teacher and performer

Any question about Amsterdam Music School Damvibes?

Frequently asked questions from our music students

Our music school is located in Atlantisplein 1, building "QFactory", but we also offer music lessons for home tuiton or at the teacher's studio. 

Our music academy offers lessons by high quality teachers and international musicians certified by more than 10 conservatories in Europe

We offer individual and group instrument lessons, for all ages and levels!

Our individual lessons may cost 25-49€/hour as they may vary according to travel expenses or the duration of the lessons. You can have a free trial music lesson at your place or a the teacher's studio! Trial lesson at our installations has a 15€ fee

Amsterdam Music School Academy seeks to connect teachers with students, anywhere in Amsterdam but also we have our own location, in Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory Building). Firstly, you can have a free trial lesson, afterwards, you decide, together with your teacher when and where your lessons will take place. 

No. Amsterdam Music School Damvibes is a private music school who seeks to customize every music lesson, making music learning accessible to everyone!

Why are we the leading music school in Amsterdam?

Music education based on innovation and high quality music teachers

Image of a music trophy

The most visible music school in Google

Damvibes created all its infrastructure around the online world, investing in technology and innovation from the very beginning

Music profile images

Music teachers graduated in more than 10 countries

Damvibes offers lessons by teachers graduated from more than 10 european conservatories and inspired by pedagogical systems used in other Conservatories

Teenager listening to music

Music lessons for children and teenagers

Our music lessons are carefully designed for kids, this way, kids learn music the best way possible; having fun!

An adult having a piano lesson

Music classes for adults of all ages and levels

Who said adults can’t learn music? Our music lessons are aimed for adults aswell. In fact, half of our students are adults!

2000+ students learn music with Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

See what our students say about our music lessons!

Already more than 100 face-to-face music students and 2000 online students from our Youtube Channel have had lessons in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes. Thank you very much for trusting us!

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music teacher laying on the piano

How is Music Learning in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

DamVibes is a music school for children and adults who are willing to include music in their lives. 

Music is a discipline that presents a lot of benefits for the development of our brain, such as improvement of our memory, psychomotricity, increment of our social skills, self-esteem booster…

It’s true that during our childhood our brain is more capable of absorbing new knowledge. That’s why we think this stage is ideal for children to start learning music. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that adults cannot make profit from the benefits of music. We believe that nobody should lose the chance to learn music, no matter the age. That’s why we want to make music accessible and fun for everyone!

We encourage you to check our website to get all the details about us, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question related to our music lessons, it would be a pleasure for us to be in touch with you.

Are you ready to learn music in our school?

Other Music Schools in Amsterdam

Music schools and academies recommended by Damvibes

We believe that music education should reach every corner of Amsterdam, that’s why hereby we recommend other music schools that could be ideal for certain type of students.

Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Conservatory) - Centrum

Conservatorium van Amsterdam is a music college ideal for students who really want to become professional musicians. This music institution offers programs such as Music Degree on Composition, Music Degree in Instrument Performing or Music Teaching Degree.

AHK Amsterdam Univeristy of the Arts (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) - Centrum

One of the emblematic music schools of Amsterdam. It’s an interdisciplinary institution that seeks professionalism. Here, students of theater, dance and pop music can make their dreams come true, as once you finish these studies you become a real professional, literally.

DJ School Amsterdam - Amsterdam Oost

If you love “scratching”, mixing and producing DJ School Amsterdam is your best choice. Furthermore, Damvibes share installations with this DJ academy, so you can always pass by and have a look! 

SAE Institute Amsterdam - Electronic Music Course

If you always loved producing, learning about synthesizers, samplers, sequencers SAE Institute Amsterdam is your best option. Moreover, if you are familiarized with softwares like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, then you will be like home! Start making beats, work on arrangements, mixing and mastering. This music school also includes music promotion courses! 

A'dam Music School - Amsterdam Noord

A’dam is the perfect music school for dutch students in Amsterdam Noord. Their music education is in dutch but if you are planning to live in the Netherlands for a long time, it’s worthy to give it a try!