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Music School in Amsterdam

Music School Amsterdam DamVibes is one of the venues that comprises the artistic and educational project DamVibes, a project that was born in Amsterdam but exported to other european cities. The philosophy of our school is high quality music classes through innovative metodologies such as those tested succesfully in other centers like the British School of Amsterdam or the DamVibes Music School of Saragossa, Spain. […] 

[…]Besides our individual music lessons such as piano, guitar, singing, drums and percussion we offer two different kinds of Group Lessons:

1- Plug-In:  An innovative new music technology / composition workshop that provides a unique chance for children between the ages of 4 and 17 to get involved in every aspect of making a record and playing together in a group – from songwriting and lyrics to recording, mixing, editing, special effects and beyond.

Have a FREE TRIAL LESSON in one of our group or individual lessons and get the best music education by certified teachers trained in different conservatories in Europe!

Our Students' Videoclip

Music Group Lessons

Music-tech Group Lessons


4-12 Years Old

*8 students max.

Individual Music Lessons

Private Lessons

Kids and Adults

Music Teacher and Director of Damvibes Music School

Every child is unique and has talent. Our job is to potentiate that talent individually to benefit the unity of the class.

Marco Gonzalvo - Damvibes Music School Director

Music group lessons

Learn music and english at Amsterdam Music Academy

'Plug-In' | 4-12 Years Old

Be inspired by an array of sound sculpting gadgets, computer tools and synthesizers

*8 students max.

Music-tech Group Lessons

Music Technology Devices

Be inspired by an array of sound sculpting gadgets, computer tools and synthesizers

recording songs in our lessons

Recording & Mixing

Create and record songs made by the students!

Play different instruments in our music lessons

Instruments integration

Develop core instrumental skills

Song-writing lessons

Song Writing

Create and perform an original piece of music, explore  ensemble, sequencing, arrangement and more

One free music lesson

1 FREE Trial Lesson

Just try it, it will be fun!

Cost of our lessons

10 lessons - 200€

Or proportionally, the remaining lessons of a 3 months term

Schedule of our lessons

1 Lesson/week

45 minutes per lesson

Saturdays at 10:30

Where can you find our music school?

Where is our music school?

Cinetol, Tolsstraat 182

Instrument lessons

Music School Amsterdam Damvibes

DamVibes Music Academy in Amsterdam, offers piano lessons, singing lessons, guitar lessons, drums lessons ad music production lessons, all of them aimed for both beginners and advanced students. Moreover, all our teachers are certified by different Conservatories in Europe and have been trained in fields like harmony, instrument technique, stage performance, improvisation and music theory.

Where is our Music SChool

Music School Amsterdam Damvibes' Location

Our music school is located in Cinetol, Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam, a building that hosts our music lessons

Reviews on our music school

See what our students say about our music academy

"This music academy is great, there are plently of percussion instruments and the music teachers are very nice!"
Guitar Lessons in Amsterdam - Lara
I have made very good friends and learned a lot in the lessons. I think everybody should join this workshops, they are just great! "
Tom enjoying his music classes in our school
"All the music classes in Amsterdam Music School DamVibes are really exciting, we have recorded many songs"
Farida talking about Music Lessons for Kids in Amsterdam
"Music Classes at DamVibes are really special. There are plently of percussion instruments, we sing with microphones and record videoclips!
Carla Young Vibes
"I wanted to have music lessons because I was a beginner. Amsterdam School of Music DamVibes gave me the possibility to learn more and more "
Isabelle ready to sing in a videoclip recording session
"When I moved here I definetely wanted to have music classes in Amsterdam, I just wanted to sing and play and in DamVibes I can do everything at the same time!"
Oliver recording a song in Music School Amsterdam DamVibes

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