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Piano teachers in Amsterdam Damvibes

Keyboard and piano lessons for kids & adults

Have your lessons at the music school, at your place or at the teacher’s studio!

Florin Mantale- Piano Teacher at Amsterdam Damvibes Music School

Florin - Face-to-face piano Lessons

Piano lessons in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

Enjoy a true musical enviroment with other disciplines and arts

📍 Our piano lessons are given at Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building)

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Music lessons applied to the piano

Woman learning how to play piano

Piano lessons and performance

Technique is important but the ultimate goal in music is to transfer emotions to others through the music we are producing. Moreover, Damvibes piano teachers made a research about how tecnique influence on audience’s p That’s why our piano lessons also include techniques in expressivity and interpretation so our students perform pieces on stage like a professional musician. 

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Solfège lessons applied to the piano

Our piano or keyboard lessons include solfege, rhythm, entonation, etc. so you can have the most complete music education. Furthermore, these fields will make students improve and learn piano pieces faster

Solfège lessons applied to the piano

Our piano or keyboard lessons include solfege, rhythm, entonation, etc. so you can have the most complete music education. Furthermore, these fields will make students improve and learn piano pieces faster

Drawing of a piano music score
Adult and kid hands playing a keyboard

Piano technique classes

Sometimes, piano technique is understimated, and this, is a huge mistake. A bad piano technique may derive into an injury to both amateur and professional players. Moreover, a good technique can produce a better and more beautiful sound. Read this article to know more about piano technique!

Prices of our piano lessons in Amsterdam

Piano lessons for both kids and adults

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Group Lessons:

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Individual Lessons:
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Hi there! I'm piano teacher in Amsterdam Damvibes

Piano lessons for kids & adults

Florin Mantale- Piano Teacher at Amsterdam Damvibes Music School

Florin Mantale - Face-to-face piano Lessons

Each student is unique and requires a particular and optimum training. In my lessons, I design a methodology that goes along with the student’s profile, understanding the needs of expression through music. Moreover, students who are willing to learn the theoretical tools of music making such as chords, harmony, aural skills; a practical training will be included in the class, without missing the practical and fun way of understanding what they play.

In relation to kids learning, my methodology includes the most important methods-books such as Alfred’s, ABRSM; selecting the most fundamental pieces/exercises and customizing according to the needs and goals of that specific student.

My Curriculum as a Piano Teacher and Performer

Piano Teacher

Teaching Experience

Privately (2015 – Present)

Experience in a wide age range of (5-50) teaching privately in Romania, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Institution (2016-2018)

Workshop introduction at CvA (Conservatorium van Amsterdam): Supervised lessons and a course on workshops with children in the period 2016-2018

Piano Performer

Performing Experience

Concerts & Performances

Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Great Britain, The Netherlands; as soloist with orchestra or solo recitals.

Prizes & Awards

1st Prize at Dinu Lipatti International Competition –  Bucharest, 2014

1st Prize at National Music Olympics piano and Distinction Student of the year 2014 among all profiles and best high schools in Iasi by Romanian Inspectorate for Education.

Piano Schools

Studies & Conservatories


Master’s degree at Conservatorium van Amsterdam


Bachelor’s degree with Highest distinction (10/10) at Conservatorium Maastricht

High School Diploma, BAC Dimploma and Certificate of Music Education at Octav Bancila National High school of Arts Iasi, Romania

Romanian 100%
English 90%
Dutch 40%

Hi there! I'm online piano teacher in Amsterdam Damvibes

Online piano lessons for kids & adults

Ana Paula - Online Piano Teacher

Ana Paula Domínguez - Online Lessons

My Curriculum as a Piano Teacher and Performer

Keyboard Teacher

Teaching Experience

Privately (2014 – present)

All ages, all levels
Classical and modern repertoire
Experience teaching in the Netherlands,
Germany and Spain

Thematis Music School

2015-2016: Piano teacher for 1 academic year

Amadeus Music Academy

2016-2018: Piano teacher for 2 academic years

Private Accompanist

Extensive experience in workshops with singers

Piano Performer

Performing Experience

Highlights in 2020/21:

Engagements with “Académie musicale
de Villecroze” and recitals in different
locations in Europe.

Prizes & Performing Awards

2019 Finalist at the Chamber Music Award Maastricht

2019 Piano Festival ‘”Académie
musicale de Villecroze'”

2017 Semifinalist at the “Piano Meeting
Festival”, Orense

2015 Performance Honors, CPMZ

2014 Honorable  Mention at the “Sant
Anastasi International Competition”, Lérida

2013 First Prize at the “APA Pilar
Bayona – FIDAH” contest, Saragosse

Piano Studies

Studies & Conservatories


Master’s degree at Maastricht Conservatorium


Bachelor programme at
Conservatorio Superior de Música de
Aragón (Spain)


Erasmus+ scholarship in
Robert Schumann Hochschule


Bachillerato of Performing Arts,
Music and Dance (equivalent to A levels in Arts) and Intermediate Level in Music Studies (Piano)

Spanish 100%
English 80%
German 50%
French 50%
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Piano courses in Amsterdam

Courses and lessons live & online

Amsterdam Music School Damvibes offer piano courses and masterclasses in which students may complement their weekly piano lessons. Stay tuned!

Reviews on Music School Amsterdam Damvibes

See what our students say about our music lessons!

Lara singing in Music school Amsterdam DamVibes

“This music academy is great, I learned how to play piano and percussion in 1 month!”Lara

Tom enjoying his music classes in our school

“I have been learning how to play piano since 3 years ago, now I can play difficult pieces!”Tom

Farida talking about Music Lessons for Kids in Amsterdam

“All the music classes in Amsterdam Music School DamVibes are really exciting, I loved singing on the videoclip”Farida

Carla Playing percussion in Amsterdam Music School DamVibes

“I love playing piano. It’s been amazing to have lessons in Music School Amsterdam Damvibes!” – Carla

Isabelle ready to sing in a videoclip recording session

“I wanted to have music lessons because I was a beginner. Amsterdam School of Music DamVibes gave me the possibility to learn more and more”Isabelle

Oliver recording a song in Music School Amsterdam DamVibes

“When I moved here I definetely wanted to have music classes in Amsterdam, I just wanted to sing and play and in DamVibes I can do everything at the same time!”Oliver

Frequently asked questions on our piano lessons

Having a piano teacher will always be better than learning by yourself. And that's because a piano teacher can correct mistakes such as hands position, technique, rhythm, etc. Furthermore, having a teacher will make you learn piano pieces quicker as, he/she will show you what the shortest path to your goal is.

You can always learn how to play piano for free but of course it won't be as fast as having a teacher. For instance, you could try learning piano through our piano tutorials

If you a beginner and want to learn piano from scratch that's no problem at all! Teachers are really well trained to do their job, even if you didn't touch a key in your whole life. You'll start with the basic, for instance, where to place your hands, what the name of the keys are or how use your fingers in order to get the most flexible and efficient execution.

Our piano lessons are given at our teachers studio or at the student's place. 

We offer piano lessons to both kids and adults and perfectly customizable to meet your needs and expectations. Learning piano may include, theory, technique and repertoire. 

We are pleased to say that our music teachers are certified and graduated from different conservatories in the world and awarded on music competitions, scholarships. But not only that, our teachers are extraordinary good and enthusiastic people, take a look at their Curriculum Vitae's!

Our piano lessons cost 35€/hour for students under 22 years old or 42 for students older than 22 years old. We also add 5€ extra for travelling to your place. And, of course, you and your teacher will decide the length and time of the lesson so it adapts to your needs and schedule. No worries!