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Try our Drum Lessons in Amsterdam in our Music School. Our drum teachers are experienced drum teachers and performers certified by different Conservatories in Europe, specialized all styles of music, such as jazz, pop or classical as well as song-writing, music production, harmony, technique, ear training and composition.

Drums Lessons in Amsterdam

30 Minutos/Sesión


30€ for 22 years old or older

+5€ charge for drum lessons at your place

Drums Lessons in Amsterdam

45 Minutos/Sesión


36€ for 22 years old or older

+5€ charge for drum lessons at your place

Drums Lessons in Amsterdam

60 Minutos/Sesión


42€ for 22 years old or older

+5€ charge for drum lessons at your place

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Drums Teacher in Amsterdam

Solfege and Music Theory

Why reading a sheet music is important? Why learning solfege will help you play the drums? It is very simple, same as when you speak you need to learn the alphabet and how different combinations of letters sound; in music, you need to learn the musical notes and its combinations in order to create different sounds. Afterwards, the organization of those sounds in time will create the rhythm. You might be saying, why does this help me to play drums? Really easy; Music is wide, music is huge, as it contains millions of different of the aforementioned combinations or patterns. The more patterns you know, the more music you can play. Try out our drum lessons here in our Music School Amsterdam DamVibes! Learn from the very basics to a more advanced level.

Drums Lessons in Amsterdam

Drums Technique

Sometimes, drum technique is underestimated, and that is a serious mistake. A bad technique can lead to not only a bad sound of the instrument, but also into serious injuries to both professional and amateur musicians. Drums technique, like most of the instruments,  is focused on  the muscle relaxation. The less tension and energy you use in each of your movements the better it sounds and the faster you can play. Mastering your drums playing through high level drum technique lessons will help you bring out from the most delicate sound to the most powerful one.

Drum Teacher in Amsterdam

Stage Performance

Many times you will find drum teachers that will tell you exactly what to do on with your drumsticks, and that is great, that’s why we have drum teachers specialized in drums technique. Unfortunately, that’s not enough, music may be expressed in many different ways. Then, how are we supposed to play in front of our friends, or our parents or to an audience if we want to express all our emotions in a proper way? Working on the stage performance will help you improve these skills. As you can imagine, the drum world is great. Discover our drums lessons, in our Music School Amsterdam DamVibes, you will learn how to behave on stage and how to give all your emotions in a professional way!

Our Drums Teacher

Drum Lessons in Amsterdam

Nick Thesalonikefs

Online drums lessons are also possible!



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