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Drum teachers certified by Conservatories in the Netherlands and Europe

Learn how to play drums in all music styles!

Optionally, include drum music sheet reading and music theory


*Only trial lessons at our installations have a fee of 15€

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Drum teachers in Amsterdam Damvibes

Drum lessons for kids & adults

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Drum Lessons in Amsterdam

Nick - Live & Online Drum Lessons

✓  International drums performer
✓  Bachelor’s Degree at Conservatorium van Amsterdam
✓  Master’s Degree at Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Drum lessons in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

Enjoy a true musical enviroment with other disciplines and arts

📍 Our drum lessons are given at Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building)

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Music room in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes
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Prices of our drums lessons in Amsterdam

How much does a drum lesson in Amsterdam cost?

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Group Lessons:

✓  2-4 Drum students
✓  Location: Atlantisplein 1
✓  Trial lesson: 15€

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Individual Lessons:
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Individual Lessons:
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✓  At our building (Atlantisplein 1)
✓  At the Drum Teacher’s Studio
✓  At your place

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Frequently asked question on our drums lessons

Our drum lessons are given at our music school in Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building) but also we offer drums lessons at your place or at the teacher's studio!

We offer drum lessons for both kids and adults and perfectly customizable to meet your needs and schedule. Learning drums in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes may include, drum sheet music reading, music theory, technique and repertoire. 

We are pleased to say that our drums teachers in Amsterdam are certified and graduated from different conservatories in the world and awarded on music competitions, scholarships. But not only that, our teachers are extraordinary good and enthusiastic people, take a look at their Curriculum Vitae's!

Our drums lessons cost 35€/hour for students under 22 years old or 42 for students older than 22 years old. We also add 5€ extra for travelling to your place. And, of course, you and your teacher will decide the length and time of the lesson so it adapts to your needs and schedule. No worries!

Having a personal drum instructor will always be better than not having one. It's clear that a teacher that can guide you, correcting your mistakes, your posture, your rhythm or your technique will make you learn how to play drums faster.

Let us answer this question with another question:Can someone learn how to drive at 30? Of course! It's true that kids learnfaster than adults, their brain are like "sponges", but for you sure you can learn how to play drums at 30, 40, 50 and even at older ages!

Everyone can learn by him/herself but, we find obvious that, having a drum instructor will make you improve much faster, as you have a feedback on the aspects you need to improve. For instance, your body posture, drums technique, rhythm, etc.

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Already more than 100 face-to-face music students and 2000 online students from our Youtube Channel have had lessons in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes. Thank you very much for trusting us!

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How to play drums set: For Beginners in Amsterdam

Parts of the Drums: Meet your instrument

Getting to know the parts of your drum kit and its names will be a good start if you want to learn drums in Amsterdam Damvibes. Learn now each drum part and its function and start praticing with all of them, step by step. Would you like to take a look at its parts? Just take a look at our drum kit diagram for beginners

Drum parts of our Class in Amsterdam 2

Drum Sheet Music: How to read

Why reading drums sheet music is important? It is very simple, same as when you speak you need to learn the alphabet and how different combinations of letters sound; in music, you need to learn the musical notes and its combinations in order to create different sounds. Afterwards, the organization of those sounds in time will create the rhythm. You might be saying, why does this help me to play drums? Really easy; Music is wide, music is huge, as it contains millions of different of the aforementioned combinations or patterns. The more patterns you know, the more music you’ll learn how to play. 

Drawing of a piano music score

How to play drums fast?: Drum technique

Sometimes, drum technique is underestimated, and that is a serious mistake. A bad drum technique can lead to not only a bad sound of the instrument, but also into serious injuries to both professional and amateur musicians. Drums technique, like most of the instruments, is focused on  the muscle relaxation when executing techniques such as Single Stroke Roll or Rebound Stroke. The less tension and energy you use in each of your movements the better it sounds and the faster you can play. Mastering your drums playing through high level drum technique lessons will help you bring out from the most delicate sound to the most powerful one. Read more about drums technique in this article on drum technique.

Picture of a drumset played by a teacher

Learn drums practice: Performance

Did you ever hear about this boring music lessons, where teacher only focus on technique? Of course Damvibes cares about technique but the ultimate goal in music is to transfer emotions to others through the music notes we are producing. That’s why our drum lessons also include exercises that makes expressivity and interpretation one of the main aspects to work on, so our students perform songs on stage like a professional musician.

Drums performer in Amsterdam Concert

Hi there! I'm drums teacher in Amsterdam Damvibes

Drum lessons face-to-face or online

Drum Lessons in Amsterdam

Nick - Live & Online Drum Lessons

Drum lessons may be given in Amsterdam Oost (east)

✓  International drums performer
✓  Bachelor’s Degree at Conservatorium van Amsterdam
✓  Master’s Degree at Conservatorium van Amsterdam

My Curriculum as a Drum Teacher and Performer

Drum Teacher

Teaching Experience

Private Drum Teacher

For almost 8 years I have been teaching students of various ages and levels, from beginner to intermediate and more advanced. My teaching approach is to create the ideal personal enviroment that is related to the needs of the student, either by enjoying the procedure of learning music and having fun or by preparing for entrance exams in universities and approaching the instrument through a more professional point of view.

Music School Amsterdam Damvibes
2018-2021: Drum teacher in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes for three years

Drums Performer

Drum Performer

Performing Drums in Europe

I have been performing in several music halls/clubs and festivals all over europe playing various styles of music.

Drummer at Keep an Eye Jazz competition

Incentive Prize (semi-finals)

Drums Studies

Studies & Conservatories


Masters in Jazz Performance at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam


Bachelors in Jazz Performance at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam


M.M.S Athens professional music program

Other Skills

Sound engineering

Languages of my drum lessons

Greek (Native)
English (Fluent)

Picture of a drum teacher

Drums courses in Amsterdam & online

Amsterdam Music School Damvibes offer drum courses and master-classes in which students may complement their weekly lessons. Stay tuned!