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Violin lessons for kids & adults

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Violin Student of our music school

Julia Pareja - Live & online violin Lessons

Violin lessons in Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

Enjoy a true musical enviroment with other disciplines and arts

📍 Our violin lessons are given at Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building)

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Our violin lessons may also include:

Violin Student of our music school

Violin lessons and performance

Technique is crucial but the ultimate goal in music is to enjoy making music and make others enjoy aswell, that’s why Expressivity and interpretation will be included in our classes so our students perform pieces on stage like professional musicians do.

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Solfège lessons applied to the violin

Our violin lessons include solfege, rhythm, entonation, etc. so you can have the most complete music education. Moreover, these fields will make students improve and learn violin pieces more quickly.

Solfège lessons applied to the violin

Our violin lessons in Amsterdam may include solfege, rhythm, entonation, etc. so you can have the most complete music education. Moreover, these fields will make students improve and learn violin pieces more quickly.

Violin music sheet photo
Our violin in a violi lesson in amsterdam

Violin technique classes

Sometimes, violin technique is understimated, and this is a big error. A bad violin technique may derive into an injury to both amateur and professional players. Moreover, a good technique can produce a better and more beautiful sound, especially in string instruments such as the violin. Read more about violin technique in this article.

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Individual Lessons:
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Hi there! I'm violin teacher in Amsterdam Damvibes

Violin lessons for kids & adults

Violin Student of our music school

Julia Pareja - Live & online violin Lessons

Methodology of my classes

Violin lessons for kids and adults

Each person has an individual character and it is my job as a violin teacher to find the best approach that meets my pupil’s needs. There is not one violin method that fits every student. Whereas the violin needs a strong technical base to begin, which I implement very carefully to avoid injuries and provide a good start, I believe in making the learning process fun.

I use several methods to assist me through teaching, including fun and simple songs for the younger ones and range from Classical to Pop. I also make my own arrangements occasionally when a student requires to play a specific song, and work from there.
In teaching adults, I keep an open dialogue and provide with technical exercises for the first weeks to kick it off, and then allow them to have a say on which direction they would like to go. I have coached classical players that perform in amateurs orchestras, played duos myself from Bach to modern pieces, and also trained adults in other styles like movie soundtracks and pop music.

My Curriculum as a Violin Teacher and Performer

Violin Teacher

Teaching Experience


De Zwolse Muziekschool, teaching all ages in English and Dutch.


“Kadelmusic” Academy, Sevilla, Spain. Teaching all ages from 6 to 72


Coaching chamber music groups and beginners’ ensembles in London.


Private students in London, Spain and The Netherlands. Julia has a strong drive for teaching which is why she has been doing it throughout her career. Having lived in three different countries, she has learned to be adaptable and open to the different approaches. She believes adaptability is key and it is important to be flexible to keep the student motivated and happy!

Violin Performer

Performing Experience

Chamber Music

Julia has always had a drive for chamber music. She founded the Ivor String Quartet in London, with whom she has given concerts in several halls in London and York (England). She now performs regularly around The Netherlands with Cuarteto Aguamarina, specialized in bringing some of the beautiful Spanish repertoire to Dutch stages. Listen to Julia’s performance of Oracion del Torero with her quartet here:

Libero Strijkorkest

As an ensemble player lover, Julia participated in many ensembles throughout her studies. When she finished her master in Zwolle, she co-founded the string ensemble Libero Strijkorkest, a 15-member orchestra that Performs all over the netherlands… by heart!

Violin Schools

Studies & Conservatories


Official Conservatory studies in Sevilla (Spain).


Bachelor degree at “Guildhall School of Music and Drama”, London (UK)


Violin Master Studies at “ArtEZ Conservatorium”, Zwolle (Netherlands). Professor Sarah Kapustin.

Spanish 100%
English 80%
Dutch 50%
French 40%

Reviews on Amsterdam Music School Damvibes

See what our students say about our music lessons!

Lara singing in Music school Amsterdam DamVibes

“This music academy is great, I learned how to play violin in 1 month!”Lara

Tom enjoying his music classes in our school

“I have been learning how to play drums since 3 years ago, now I can play difficult pieces!”Tom

Farida talking about Music Lessons for Kids in Amsterdam

“All the music classes in Amsterdam Music School DamVibes are really exciting, I loved singing on the videoclip”Farida

Carla Playing percussion in Amsterdam Music School DamVibes

“I love playing drums. It’s been amazing to have lessons in Music School Amsterdam Damvibes!” – Carla

Isabelle ready to sing in a videoclip recording session

“I wanted to have music lessons because I was a beginner. Amsterdam School of Music DamVibes gave me the possibility to learn more and more”Isabelle

Oliver recording a song in Music School Amsterdam DamVibes

“When I moved here I definetely wanted to have music classes in Amsterdam, I just wanted to sing and play and in DamVibes I can do everything at the same time!”Oliver

Photo of a violin for students

Violin courses in Amsterdam

Courses and lessons live & online

Amsterdam Music School Damvibes offer violin courses and masterclasses in which students may complement their weekly  lessons. Stay tuned!

Frequently asked question on our violin lessons

Our violin lessons are given at our music school in Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building) but also we offer violin lessons at your place or at the teacher's studio!

We offer violin lessons to both kids and adults and perfectly customizable to meet your needs and expectations. Learning piano may include, theory, technique and repertoire. 

We are pleased to say that our music teachers are certified and graduated from different conservatories in the world and awarded on music competitions, scholarships. But not only that, our teachers are extraordinary good and enthusiastic people, take a look at their Curriculum Vitae's!

Our violin lessons cost 35€/hour for students under 22 years old or 42 for students older than 22 years old. We also add 5€ extra for travelling to your place. And, of course, you and your teacher will decide the length and time of the lesson so it adapts to your needs and schedule. No worries!

We think are prices are actually cheap, as our violin teacher is always going to be an international performer trained and graduated from the best conservatories in Europe!

We are afraid to say that producing a professional sound in the violin take years! But don't panic yet, for sure, you can make it sound quite well, playing songs after a few months!

Well, as you know the prices of taking violin lessons in Amsterdam, you should also know that nowadays you can find very cheap violins to start with, so don't worry about that, there's always time to upgrade to a better violin!