Violin Lessons in Limerick

Violin lessons for Kids & Adults - Beginners to advanced

🏠 Have professional Violin courses at the teacher's studio or at home

🎓 Our Violin teachers in Limerick are certified by the best music schools in Europe

📚 Learn Violin, as a kid or adult, in styles like classical, modern or jazz!

📝Optionally, learn Violin sheet music reading and music theory

💬 Limerick Violin lessons in english, you choose the schedule!

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We carefully chose the best Violin teachers in Limerick

Picture for music classes at home (mobile)
Picture for music classes at home

At your place

Limerick Music School Damvibes brings your Violin classes at your place, so you don't need to worry about dislocating!

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At the teacher's studio

Damvibes chose our Violin tutors strategically along the Limerick map, so the location doesn't become a problem!

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Picture for music lessons online

Online lessons

Most of our Violin teachers in Limerick are equipped and prepared for providing online lessons in a professional way

Send a gift card with Violin lessons as a present!

Giving a pack of music lessons with a gift card is one of our strengths, and our students just love it! You just need to pick a teacher and click on “book a trial”. Select “Gift Card” and in 1 minute you will a 100% customized gift card right on your email!

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How does Limerick Violin School Damvibes work?

📝 1. Book a trial lesson

You just need to choose a Violin teacher and fill in a quick form in less than 1 minute. We recommend you take into account variables such as location or specialties.

📅 2. Schedule

Our Violin teachers in Limerick will get in touch with you as soon as they can, generally, it will take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. Then, you both agree on the day/time of the lesson

👍 3. Trial payment

Get 30% discount on your first Violin class in Limerick! The lesson is 30 minutes long. Just make sure you process the payment 24 hours before the lesson. Enjoy your first trial!

📅 4. Monthly system

After your trial lesson, our Violin teacher will get in touch with you to agree on the schedule and on the number of lessons you will have that specific month

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Happy students talk about Limerick Music School Damvibes!

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Prices of our Violin courses in Limerick

Violin lessons for kids and adults

60 minutes
25 Class
  • 2-4 students
30 minutes
30 Class
  • 1 student
45 minutes
35 Class
  • 1 student
20% discount
60 minutes
40 Class
  • 1 student
30% discount

FAQ over our Violin classes in Limerick 

That, dear student, will depend on how good your Violin teacher is! And definetely, our Violin tutors in Limerick are graduated from the best conservatories and music schools in Europe

The prices of our Violin lessons in Limerick may vary and will depend on the location and the length of the lessons, you can check our price table up on this page!

In Violin learning, there is no such thing as no-talent. It’ll always faster to learn Violin in Limerick as a kid, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t learn how to play an instrument. Furthermore, adults are more skilled to understand theoretical aspects such as chords, Violin notes reading or music theory.

In Limerick Music School Damvibes, we recommend to have weekly Violin lessons. Playing an instrument can be too sacrificing if you don't follow the right steps, this is to say, practice regularly, ideally everyday. 15-20 minutes per day will make the difference. The more practice the better!

Learn how to play the violin in Berlin: Beginners - Advanced

Your instrument: Parts of the violin

Believe it or not, learning the terms of each part of the violin is very useful, since in the next classes, especially at the beginning, you will not only work with those terms but also practice with them. To help you a bit with this task, at Limerick Violin School Damvibes we leave you a diagram with the parts of a violin

Violin parts diagram for violin lessons in Limerick

How to play violin: Theory and technique

Technique is certainly controversial, as some think that learning violin technique can only be done at a child’s early age. This is not true since hundreds of students who have passed through the Limerick Music School Damvibes are adults, and of course, they have evolved in their way of playing the violin.

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How to read sheet music for violin?

Any violin teacher at Limerick Violin School will tell you that reading sheet music is essential for you to progress in learning the violin. And it is that like any language, we need to have an alphabet. In this way, we will be able to analyze and build a good theoretical base and, above all, efficient learning.

Violin music sheet photo from Limerick Violin School Damvibes
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