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Guitar lessons for Kids & Adults - Beginners to advanced

🏠 Have professional Guitar lessons in Rotterdam, at the teacher's studio or at home!

🎓 Our Guitar teachers in Rotterdam are certified by the best music schools in Europe

📚 Learn Guitar, as a kid or adult, in styles like classical, modern or jazz!

📝Optionally, learn Guitar sheet music reading and music theory

💬 Rotterdam Guitar courses in english, you choose the schedule!

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Private lessons with top Guitar teachers near Rotterdam

Guitar lessons in Rotterdam - Teacher Carlos Henrique

Carlos Henrique

📍 Guitar lessons in Rotterdam West and Overschie/Schiedam
🚙 You travel to me
✓  Master degree in Music composition CODARTS, Rotterdam.
✓  International touring guitarist and composer
Guitar lessons in Rotterdam - Teacher Renzo


📍 Guitar lessons in Rotterdam Centrum/Kralingen-Crooswijk
🚙 You travel to me
✓  Degree in modern music and jazz from L`aula de musica (conservatorium of Liceu-Barcelona)
✓  International guitarist
Guitar lessons in Rotterdam - Teacher Sebastien


📍 Guitar lessons in Rotterdam Coolhaven, Rotterdam zuid
🚙 I can travel to you
✓  Bachelor degree in Jazz guitar, conservatory of Rotterdam CODARTS and currently finishing Master
✓  3rd place at "Prinses Christina Jazz Concours" in 2016 as part of DJBB.
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At your place

Rotterdam Music School Damvibes brings your Guitar classes at your place, so you don't need to worry about dislocating!

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At the teacher's studio

Damvibes chose our Guitar tutors strategically along the Rotterdam map, so the location doesn't become a problem!

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Online lessons

Most of our Guitar tutors in Rotterdam are equipped and ready to teach online lessons in a professional way

Send a gift card with Guitar lessons as a present!

Giving a pack of music lessons with a gift card is one of our strengths, and our students just love it! You just need to pick a teacher and click on “book a trial”. Select “Gift Card” and in 1 minute you will receive a 100% customized gift card right on your email!

Guitar lessons in Rotterdam Music School Damvibes - Gift Card

How does Rotterdam Guitar School Damvibes work?

📝 1. Book a trial lesson

You just need to choose a Guitar teacher and fill in a quick form in less than 1 minute. We recommend you take into account variables such as location or specialties.

📅 2. Schedule a time

Our Guitar teachers in Rotterdam will get in touch with you as soon as they can, generally, it will take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. Then, you both agree on the day/time of the lesson

👍 3. Trial payment

Get 30% discount on your first Guitar class in Rotterdam! The lesson is 30 minutes long. Just make sure you process the payment 24 hours before the lesson. Enjoy your first trial!

📅 4. Monthly system

After your trial lesson, our Guitar teacher will get in touch with you to agree on the schedule and on the number of lessons you will have that specific month

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Prices of our Guitar courses in Rotterdam

Guitar lessons for kids and adults

60 minutes
25 Class
  • 2-4 students
30 minutes
30 Class
  • 1 student
45 minutes
35 Class
  • 1 student
20% discount
60 minutes
40 Class
  • 1 student
30% discount

FAQ over our Guitar classes in Rotterdam 

That, dear student, will depend on how good your Guitar teacher is! And definetely, our Guitar tutors in Rotterdam are graduated from the best conservatories and music schools in Europe

The prices of our Guitar lessons in Rotterdam may vary and will depend on the location and the length of the lessons, you can check our price table up on this page!

In Guitar learning, there is no such thing as no-talent. It’ll always faster to learn Guitar in Rotterdam as a kid, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t learn how to play an instrument. Furthermore, adults are more skilled to understand theoretical aspects such as chords, Guitar notes reading or music theory.

In Rotterdam Music School Damvibes, we recommend to have weekly Guitar lessons. Playing an instrument can be too sacrificing if you don't follow the right steps, this is to say, practice regularly, ideally everyday. 15-20 minutes per day will make the difference. The more practice the better!

Are you a beginner and want to learn how to play the guitar in Rotterdam?

First things first: Parts of the guitar

If you were thinking of learning to play guitar at Rotterdam Damvibes, you should probably start by taking a look at the parts of a guitar, as you will be using a different technique for almost every part. But, what will you learn?

I encourage you to do a quick search: guitar body, pickguard, fretboard, strings, body, neck, tuners, headstock and frets and familiarize yourself with all the parts, so you can start playing the guitar as soon as possible!

Guitar diagram from our lessons in Rotterdam

How to read guitar notes?: Tablature and guitar music scores

When learning to play guitar at Rotterdam Guitar School Damvibes, one of the most important aspects is learning to read guitar sheet music, or more commonly called ‘tablature’. Why? Because learning a new language will allow you to analyze, build and play melodies and chords efficiently.

Guitar music sheet from Guitar School Rotterdam Damvibes

Play millions of songs right away: Learn how to play Guitar Chords

Do you already know the guitar chords? The best thing about learning all the guitar chords is that you can play millions of songs in the blink of an eye. Many songs have the same chord scheme, or rather, the same chord sequences. In addition, there are mainly 4 types of chords and 90% of the time you will only see two types of them, and also, each type of them has a certain pattern, that is, if you learn a pattern, you can practically play all of that kind.

Our students in Rotterdam showing finger guitar technique

How to play the guitar faster? : Learning Technique

The technique of the guitar is very similar to any instrument. It is based on relaxation. From there, there are different techniques that you can use to play the guitar with different sounds and textures, but there is also a global technique that allows you to play the guitar faster more easily and without tension, thus avoiding unexpected injuries due to poor technique application. Luckily for you, all of our guitar teachers in Rotterdam know these aspects very well.

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