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Marco Lara - Piano teacher online

Marco Lara - Piano Teacher

Learn how to play the piano (3 Golden Rules - explained)

Before we get started with my golden rules let’s start stating that piano learning has no end, and everyday, when a give piano lessons in Brussels, I see it clearly. After more than 20 years studying music, piano performing more especifically, the ultimate conclusions I can share with you with absolute certainty are:

Option 1: Learn Piano Chords & Harmony

What is a chord? A chord is the combination of 3 or more sounds. A sequency of chords will form the Harmony. So, what are you going to achieve if you learn chords & harmony? 

Authentique Perfect Musical Cadence

Option 2: Lear Piano Songs - No piano sheet music reading required

Wait, what? Is that possible? Yes, of course. There are two ways you can learn how to play piano without reading notes:

Option 3: Read Piano Sheet Music/Scores

If you want to learn how to play piano, time is not a problem, you love having solid basics and you expect to have at least 5 spare years to practice, then you want to learn how to read piano sheet music. Of course, this is the slowest way at the BEGINNING. Afterwards, you’ll learn piano songs 1000% faster. Believe me. Why?

leger lines in a music staff

Extra Tip: Learning music theory will help.

The more you learn how to play piano, the more you understand how music works, the sooner you’ll realize what you need. You can always Learn Music Theory with Damvibes, through our articles, so you can actually learn what you really like and what you really want to achieve.

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