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Piano teacher in Brussels Damvibes

Individual and Groupal Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults!

Marco - Piano teacher in Brussels Music School Damvibes

Marco - Face-to-face piano lessons

International piano performer

Master’s Degree at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels

Bachelor’s Degree “Honours” at Conservatorio di Pescara, Italy

Prices of piano lessons in Brussels

Individual & Group piano lessons for kids and adults


60 minutes
23 Lesson
  • 2-4 students
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


30 minutes
25 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


45 minutes
30 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
20% discount


60 minutes
35 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
30% discount

Frequently asked questions on our piano lessons

That, dear student, will depend on how good your piano teacher is! And definetely, our piano tutors in Brussels are graduated from the best conservatories and music schools in Belgium/Europe! Being that said, the prices of our piano lessons may vary, depending the location of the lessons, but you can expect a range of 25-40€. Group piano lessons are 95€/month

Many professional pianists will tell you that learning piano is an endless process, it's just a fact that pianist learn something new every week, and that's because music is subjective. Being that said, you will probably be learning a piano piece in the first class! Of course, we don't expect you playing a super hard piece in 1 week, step by step!

Our piano lessons are given at our teachers studio or at the student's place. 

We offer piano lessons that are 100% customizable; group lessons or individual lessons. In case of individual piano lessons you can also decide its length (30-45-60 min)

We are proud to say that our only piano professor has been carefully selected, and has overcome a very strict filter of selection. All our teachers are certified officially. And, of course, our philosophy will always be "More quality, less quantity", as simple as taking a look at his wonderful Curriculum Vitae

Students on Brussels Music School Damvibes

See what our students say about our music classes

Anne playing maracas at percussion class

“This music academy is great, I learned how to play piano and percussion in 1 month!”Anne

Florent playing drums in Damvibes Academy

“I have been learning how to play drums since 3 years ago, now I can play difficult pieces!”Florent

Gyrsellia recording a voice track in Brussels Music Academy

“Brussels Music School is exciting, we recorded a videoclip with our piano teacher”Gyrsellia

Claire having a singing tuiton in Brussels

“I love singing The Beatles, my teacher and I sing together for 45 minutes and learn solfege 15 minutes per week!” – Claire

Katie in a singing recording session at Brussels School of Music

“I wanted to have music lessons because I love singing. Brussels School of Music Damvibes is super!”Katie

Brussels music recording Damvibes

“When I moved to Brussels I definetely wanted to have music classes like I used to have, we had a trial lesson and my mom and I just loved it!”Olivier

Learn how to play piano: For beginners in Brussels

Learn piano by playing chords

If you want to learn how to play piano as a beginner in Brussels you should check out piano chords, as it is one of the easiest ways to learn a song, without even learning how to read a piano sheet music. Moreover, if you learn how to play chords, literally you will learn how to play thousands of pop songs on the piano, as all of them have similar movement patterns.

Piano chords learned in brussels music school Damvibes

How to play piano faster: Technique

Sometimes, piano technique is understimated, and this, is a huge mistake. A bad piano technique may derive into an injury to both amateur and professional players. Moreover, a good technique can produce a better and more beautiful sound. This article talks about technique, maybe you would like to check it out before starting your piano lessons in Brussels. 

Woman learning how to play piano

How to read piano sheet music: Solfege

Music, as a language, is build out of words, letters, phrases, episodes…That’s why we include solfeggio and music theory; so we can actually understand the music scores or notes we are playing, so we can learn pieces much easier and much quicker.

Drawing of a piano music score

Learn piano methodology: Kids & Adults

Something you should be aware of is that in music education and especially in piano learning, there is no such thing as anti-talent. Human brain is amazing, and, even when we are old, our brain keeps shaping its form, meaning that, our brain keeps learning. It’s true, it’ll always faster to learn piano as a kid, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t learn how to play piano. Furthermore, adults are more skilled to understand theoretical aspects such as chords, piano notes reading or solfege.

Adult and kid hands playing a keyboard

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Hi there! I'm piano teacher in Brussels Damvibes

Piano lessons in Brussels may be given at your place or at the teacher's studio!

Marco - Piano teacher in Brussels Music School Damvibes

Marco - Face-to-face piano Lessons

International piano performer

Bachelor’s Degree “Honours” at Conservatorio di Pescara, Italy

Master’s Degree at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels

Methodology of my piano classes in Brussels Music Academy

Piano lessons for kids and adults

Piano Lessons Methodology for kids:

My approach to education is varied and molded in relation to the person I am teaching to. I usually start by understanding which things the kid is interested in learning and what kind of music he/she likes or would like to learn. At the same time, I would try to connect what the kid likes with what he/she needs. So I usually use some methods which combine the part of having fun playing music with the part of understanding how this music works, and how to play it correctly. As a trained jazz piano player, with the advanced students I can talk about several thematics such as technique, ear training, advanced harmony, knowledge of the different styles, comping, improvisation and more. The most important thing is to have fun and develop the passion for music in general, so I will always be open to listen to the kids and guide them in their path, while giving them the freedom to choose what to work on.

Piano Lessons Methodology for adults:

The approach in itself is quite similar to the kids one, a variety of approaches are available to the student. It will be the teacher to guide the student in the lessons, while the students will choose the field of work (for instance, if there is a singer who wants to learn how to accompany him/herself while singing, we will work mainly on comping and harmony, the student will choose the songs to work on and I will show him/her different ways to play them).

My Curriculum as a Piano Teacher and Performer

Piano Teacher

Teaching Experience


Piano teacher at Damvibes Music School in Brussels


Piano teacher at ‘Italia per Passione’ Music School of Brussels


Private piano teacher in Italy and Brussels

Piano Performer



– 1° Prize International Competition“Concorso Scuola Civica Musicale di San Giovanni Teatino”, section “Piano Jazz Soloist”

– Prize “Artist 2016”, “Jazz Soloist”

Performances & Festivals


Performed at “Sangiò Jazz Festival” with Marco Marcelletti Trio

Performed at ”Tolentino Jazz Festival” with his own Jazz Trio

Performed at “Teate Winter Festival” with his own Jazz Trio


”Nuoro Jazz Festival” with Tolga Bilgin 4tet


”Concerti all’Alba” at Torre di Cerrano (TE) with Orchestra Giovanile Amadeus


”Spoltore Ensemble” with Orchestra Giovanile Amadeus


”Settimana Mozartiana” with Orchestra Giovanile Amadeus

Piano Studies

Studies & Conservatories


Master Jazz Piano Performing – Royal Brussels Conservatory(KBC)


Graduated (Bachelor) from “Conservatorio Luisa D’Annunzio” of Pescara, with the evaluation of 110/110 and praise.


“Atri Music Camp” at Atri (PE), Italy


”Berklee Music School at Umbria Jazz Clinics”  in Perugia, Italy


Italian – Native
English – Fluent

Piano student photo

Online piano courses

Brussels Music School Damvibes offer piano courses online and masterclasses in which students may complement their weekly piano lessons. Stay tuned!