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Piano lessons At Home or at the Teacher's Studio


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Who is our piano teacher in Luxembourg?

Individual and Groupal keyboard/piano lessons for kids & adults

Kinga - Piano Teacher in Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

Kinga - Face-to-face piano Lessons

How much does a piano lesson in Luxembourg cost?

Price of piano classes for children and adults


60 minutes
37 Lesson
  • 2-4 students
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


30 minutes
49 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


45 minutes
59 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
20% discount


60 minutes
69 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
30% discount

Frequently asked questions on our piano lessons

Actually, you can even learn how to play a song in one day! Every professional pianist knows that piano learning is literally infinite, you keep improving everyday, that's why having a very good piano teacher, that guides you and encourage you to practice is just necessary!

It's a quite natural fact that having a good piano teacher that corrects your posture, your finger technique or your rhythm imprecisions will always be more efficient than learning piano by yourself. Just try it yourself, you can have a free trial piano lesson in Luxembourg!

Our piano lessons are given at our teachers studio or at the student's place. 

We offer piano lessons to both kids and adults and perfectly customizable to meet your needs and expectations. Learning piano may include, theory, technique and repertoire. 

We are pleased to say that our piano tutors are certified and graduated from the best conservatories in Europe and most of them awarded in piano competitions and scholarships. Check out the CV's you are gona love them!

Our piano lessons cost 35€/hour for students under 22 years old or 42 for students older than 22 years old. We also add 5€ extra for travelling to your place. And, of course, you and your teacher will decide the length and time of the lesson so it adapts to your needs and schedule. No worries!

2000+ students have music lessons with Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

See what our students say about our music lessons in Luxembourg!

Lara singing in a voice lesson

“This music school is awesome, I learned how to play piano and percussion in 1 month!”Lara

Thomas learning how to make music with Drums

“I have been learning how to play drums in Luxembourg Music School since 2 years ago, now I can really make music!”Tom

Farida singing our music videoclip in Luxembourg

“Damvibes Music School in Luxembourg is amazing, I love singing and playing the piano”Farida

Mara playing percussion at Luxembourg Music Academy Damvibes

“I play violin since a couple of months and I can already play 3 pieces!. My teacher comes to my place to have the music lessons” – Carla

Singing lesson with Isabelle

“I wanted to have music lessons because I was a beginner. Luxembourg School of Music Damvibes is great”Isabelle

Oliver Singing in Luxembourg Music Platform Damvibes

“When I moved to Luxembourg I wanted to have music lessons, singing, playing the piano, etc. In Music School Luxembourg Damvibes I do everything, my teacher is the best!”Oliver

Hi there! I'm piano teacher in Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

Piano teacher with more than 10 years experience

Kinga - Piano Teacher in Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

Kinga - Face-to-face piano Lessons

Methodology of my piano classes in Luxembourg Music Academy

Piano lessons for kids and adults


Working with students for an appropriate hand positioning, finger transitions and pedal

Basic Piano Techniques

Introduction to basic piano techniques such as finger positioning, articulations, scale practice and phrasing

Ear Training

Listening exercises and

Piano songs practice

Accompanying (chord practice, rhythm patterns, keys, harmony, sight reading and improvisation.


Evaluated and graded student performance, homework assignments, projects and

Adapted learning plans

Monitored student progress through test administration and adapted learning plans
to optimize progress

Piano Teacher

Teaching Experience


Luxembourg Music School Damvibes


Private piano teacher

Singing & Piano

Performing Experience


Official release of the Single “Weeping Willow” signed on Timezone Records 


Lead singer and pianist for Kinga Rose in Luxembourg


Con-Fusion Band: Budapest based band with a repertoire of original songs and jazz covers performed in venues and festivals in Budapest. (2015-2018)


K&W Duo: London based pop and jazz duo performed in venues in London


Lead singer – Several bands in Barcelona 

Piano Studies

Studies & Conservatories

Sep 2020 – ongoing

Jazz Piano – Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg
• Main courses: jazz piano, jazz history, jazz theory, combo


Jazz Vocals – Etüd Conservatory (Budapest)
• Main courses: music theory, jazz singing, jazz piano basics, harmony, arrangement, music history


Classical Piano at Budapest Music School
• Main courses: music theory, music history, piano, chamber music and solfege.

Languages of my piano lessons

Hungarian – Native

English – Fluent

German – Fluent

French – Fluent

Spanish – Fluent

Music lessons applied to the piano

Interpretation and keyboard classes

Piano technique is crucial but, for sure, music brings us emotions. That’s why a good piano class should include notions of expressivity and performing so our piano students perform on stage like professionals.

Woman learning how to play piano in Luxembourg Damvibes School

Music Theory lessons applied to the piano

Our keyboard lessons should have solfege, rhythm, entonation, music theory, etc. so you can have the most complete music education. Furthermore, these fields will make students improve and learn piano pieces faster

Drawing of a piano music score

Classes on piano technique

Sometimes, piano technique is underated, and this, is a huge mistake. A bad piano technique may derive into an injury to both amateur and professional players. In contrary, a good technique can make a more beautiful sound. We recommend you to read more about piano technique

Photography of a piano with an adult hand and a kids hand in Luxembourg
Piano student of luxembourg music school

Piano Courses in Luxembourg & Online

Luxembourg Music School Damvibes offer piano courses and masterclasses in which students may add some extra knowledge besides their weekly or monthly classes. Don’t miss them!