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Music course for beginners (I)

If you want to learn music or play an instrument, music theory is one of the most important tools to do so, and, in Amsterdam Music School, Brussels Music School and Luxembourg Music School we know it!. That’s why, down below you have a basic music course, enough to already start playing an instrument.

All you need to know if you want to start learning music theory

Can I teach myself music theory?

This is a very common question from our music students in Dublin Music School Damvibes and in Cork Music School Damvibes. The truth is that, you can learn music theory alone, but you will always have to have someone to guide you, in this case, Damvibes music teachers will guide you through the process. Meanwhile, rest and enjoy our music lessons online!

How long does it take to learn music theory?

This question makes other questions arise. In Berlin Music Shool Damvibes we always explain that; the important questions are: How much time do you have to dedicate to learn music theory? What kind of music style would you like to learn? Some styles of music require less music theory knowledge and thus, it will take less time. As you can imagine, there are millions of variables and answers to this question – Don’t be fooled by those who give you a clear answer, my dear student. Just get started, plan yourself, schedule your free time so you can start as soon as possible. Then you’ll get your precious answer as you develope your skills! We are here to help you, remember that!

How do you actually learn music theory?

Learning music theory is something quite simple. Our music school offers articles and music courses so you can learn the theory, but also practice through our exercises and “homework”. As you keep learning music theory, you will automatically apply all the concepts learn to your instrument.

How hard is it to learn music theory?

Here is our philosophy; The more you love something, the easier will be to learn. And, as every field, the more you get into it, the faster learn.

Where can I learn music theory for free?

Of course you can learn music theory for free! That’s why we exist! It’s true that having an instructor will make your life much easier, as he/she will guide you and correcting your mistakes live, but, fortunately for both of us, there some nice exercises that you can use to test yourself!

How many levels of music theory are there?

Music theory, as music itself is not about levels, it’s about what areas do you need for your purposes. If you want to simply play an instrument, learning about solfège and harmony probably will be enough for you, in case you want to compose, not only for piano, but also for orchestra or band the answer changes…In this case, probably you should be learning about orchestration, technical aspects of each instrument, harmony, analysis, etc.

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