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John -Drum teacher in Luxembourg Damvibes

John - Face-to-face & Online Drums Lessons

International drums performer

 Bachelor’s Degree at Conservatory of Maastricht

5 Years of teaching experience

How much does a drum lesson in Luxembourg cost?

Price of drum individual and group classes for children and adults


60 minutes
37 Lesson
  • 2-4 students
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


30 minutes
49 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


45 minutes
59 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
20% discount


60 minutes
69 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
30% discount

Frequently asked question on our drums lessons

The price of drum lessons may vary. It will depend on the type of the class. Individual drum lessons cost are around 69€/hour. Group lessons are 37€/hour.

Having a drum teacher face-to-face, noticing your mistakes, your posture or your drumming technique will always be better than not having anyone to guide your classes. 

It's clear that an experienced drum teacher face-to-face that corrects your posture mistakes, your rhythm/tempo imprecisions and your technique will always be better than not having an instructor. Nevertheless, some online drum classes might help, that for sure!

Our drum lessons are given at our your place or at the teacher's studio!

In Luxembourg Music School Damvibes we offer individual and groupal drums classes for kids and adults

Our teachers overcome a very strict selection process. Among this filters we ask our teachers to have experience and be extraordinary good drums performers. All our drum teachers are certified by official music institutions

2000+ students have music lessons with Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

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Lara singing in a voice lesson

“This music school is awesome, I learned how to play piano and percussion in 1 month!”Lara

Thomas learning how to make music with Drums

“I have been learning how to play drums in Luxembourg Music School since 2 years ago, now I can really make music!”Tom

Farida singing our music videoclip in Luxembourg

“Damvibes Music School in Luxembourg is amazing, I love singing and playing the piano”Farida

Mara playing percussion at Luxembourg Music Academy Damvibes

“I play violin since a couple of months and I can already play 3 pieces!. My teacher comes to my place to have the music lessons” – Carla

Singing lesson with Isabelle

“I wanted to have music lessons because I was a beginner. Luxembourg School of Music Damvibes is great”Isabelle

Oliver Singing in Luxembourg Music Platform Damvibes

“When I moved to Luxembourg I wanted to have music lessons, singing, playing the piano, etc. In Music School Luxembourg Damvibes I do everything, my teacher is the best!”Oliver

Hi there! I'm drum teacher in Luxembourg Damvibes

Drum teachers certified by the best conservatories in Europe

John -Drum teacher in Luxembourg Damvibes

John - Face-to-face & Online Drums Lessons

International drums performer

 Bachelor’s Degree at Conservatory of Maastricht

5 Years of teaching experience

Methodology of my Drum Lessons

Firstly, each drums student is unique and requires a particular and optimum training.

Being interested in many different types of musical cultures, I’ve always tried to be the most versatile drummer I can be, that’s why Ear Training and solgefe (rhythm) is a very important part of my methodology, so is traditional drumset literature that I’ve extensively studied during my years at the conservatory.
Furthermore, drums, as a percussion instrument requires a very precised sense of rhythm, thus, a very good technique  that can accomplish that goal. 

Finally, it’s always important to be in constant and reciprocous conversation with the student, as the main goal of my classes is to learn how to play drums and have fun at the same time.

My Curriculum as a Drum Teacher and Performer

Drum Teacher

Teaching Experience

Music School Luxembourg Damvibes


From 2021 I am teaching in Luxembourg Music Academy Damvibes

Private drum teacher - Luxembourg


Since 5 years ago I started giving private lessons in Luxembourg for children and adults of all ages.

Wiltz Music School


I have been an educator for two years at the École de musique in Wiltz, where I have been teaching drumset, solfeggio, production and music initiation classes.

Drums Performer

Drum Gigs and Prizes

Prizes as a drum player

Winner of the „Luxembourg’s best drummer“ contest of 2012, in the category 1994-1995

Winner of Maastricht Jazz Awards with the Band “Evacuation Plan“”

Winner of „ca balance“ Jazz competition with the Alexandre Lesage Trio


Recording of the Ep „We aren’t all the same“ by All the Way Down in the Holtz Sound Studios in Tuntange, Luxembourg in 2011 as a drummer and Singer

Recording of the album „Hotel Numéro 25“ by The Disliked in the Kohlekeller Studios in Oberbeerbach, Germany in 2014

Recording of „The Disliked – Reggae Rescue“, Deft Studios in Malmédy

Music Bands in Luxembourg and Europe


Active member as a Drummer, Singer and Songwriter in a Rock band called “All the Way Down”


Active as a solo Singer/Songwriter on the guitar


Active as a drummer in a Reggae/Ska band called “The Disliked”

Music Performances

Rock-A-Field Festival of 2014, Food for your senses festival 2010-2012

Various concerts with The Disliked in Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium

Performance at the Allegromosso Festival in Italy in 2012 with the Jazz Combo of the Music School of Wiltz

Numerous concerts of Jazz Rock band “Evacuation Plan”

Drums Studies

Studies & Conservatories


Bachelor’s Studies in Jazz Drums at the Conservatory of Maastricht


Drum lessons with Al Ginter in the Conservatory of Luxembourg


Started taking drum and percussion lessons in the Wiltz Music School in Luxembourg with Mr. Salvatore Salamon.

Languages of my drum classes

Luxembourgish – Native

French – Native

German – Native

English – Fluid

Spanish – Intermediate

Music lessons applied to drums

Drum classes and interpretation

We are conscious that drum technique is important, but why is that we fell in love with music? That’s right, because it brings us emotions, and this is one of the goals of Luxembourg Music School Damvibes. Build a coherent interpretation that is academic but at the same time expressive. Techniques on stage performance are used through fun exercises, have a free trial lesson!

Picture of a drumset played by a teacher

Solfège classes and the drums

It’s obvious that we wouldn’t learn a language without having a basic idea of words, grammar and phrase construction. That’s why we believe that music theory and learning how to read music notes are important. Of course, this is a personal and optional decision, but, we encourage are drum students to include solfège in their lessons

Photography of drums sheet music in luxembourg music academy

Drums classes and technique

Sometimes, drum technique is underestimated, and that is a very big error. Technique helps musicians move the wrists faster but not only that. Technique prevents both professional and amateur musicians to have muscle and articulation problems. That’s because all music technique is based in relaxation and a right posture. Have a free trial drum lesson and give us a try!

Picture of a drumset played by a teacher
Picture of our drum teacher in luxembourg academy Damvibes

Drums classes in Luxembourg and Online

Luxembourg Music School Damvibes offer drum courses and masterclasses face-to-face and online in which students may add extra knowledge to their learning process.