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Many platforms try to get students for music teachers but don’t really succeed. Why? Platforms display a infinite number of teachers for each instrument. In our case, we only display one teacher. This means that every single student we get goes directly to you, so just rest quiet, we sell your lessons!

Profesora de violin en Zaragoza - Teo Doneva
Marco Gonzalvo, profesor de la Escuela de musica en zaragoza, dando una clase

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Happy teachers in Damvibes talk about us

Singing Teacher in Brussels - Csilla

Csilla Szabó

Singing teacher, Brussels

“I got 19 potential students in 3 months, none of other platforms did that, Damvibes is just super efficient in selling my lessons”

Florin Mantale- Piano Teacher at Amsterdam Damvibes Music School

Florin Mantale

Piano teacher, Amsterdam

“With Damvibes I can make a living out of my piano lessons. Furthermore, Damvibes treats each teacher individually, bringing you a complete personalized service”

Kinga - Singing Teacher in Luxembourg Music School Damvibes

Kinga Radics

Piano teacher, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a very small city and it’s literally impossible to get so many contacts in such a short period of time, especially for international teachers. Basically every person interested in music lessons will find Damvibes”

Our Commitment
As entrepreneurs & Musicians

We, as entrepreneurs and musicians are commited to get students for you and promote your lessons with no risk at all.

If you earn money from our students, we do, if you don’t, we don’t either, no hidden costs

Marco Gonzalvo

Customer Service & Musician

Daiani Fiorini

Social Media & Designer

Liuri Loami

CTO & Developer

How does it work?

We would like to be as transparent as possible, therefore you can check how our system works and the rates of your classes. For further information, please, take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

Your rates

  • Notification & Contact

    You will receive an email everytime we get a new student. Just get in touch with him/her and agree on a trial lesson

  • Booking & Payment

    At the beginning of the month (or after the trial lesson) you book your students' lessons for one month, get paid by your student in advance.

  • Damvibes' Comission

    Damvibes collects 25% of every lesson automatically by a Direct Debit system through our partner platform GoCardless. 


We really want you to get as many students as possible

You decide the method of your lessons

We keep improving and analyzing, we are here to help

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