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Drum teachers certified by European Conservatories

Learn how to play drums in all music styles

Optionally, include solfège and music theory


Drum teacher in Brussels Damvibes

Pierre - Our drum teacher in Brussels Damvibes Academy
Drum teacher - Pierre
📍 Drum lessons in Anderlecht 1070
📍 I travel to student’s place
✓  UV JAZZ répertoire DEM at Conservatoire régional de Lyon
✓  Active drum performer in Europe
✓  Graduated in Musicology at Université Lumière Lyon II

How to play the drums as beginner in Brussels

Parts of a drumset: Just the beginning

If you are searching for drum lessons in Brussels for beginners, first, you should know every part of your instrument, as you are going to use different technique for each part. And because we know you are excited to start playing drum in your first class, we brought you a present: “Parts of the Drums – Diagram”. Take a look before your first drum class and surprise your drum teacher!

Drum parts of our Class in Brussels Damvibes School of Music

How to read the notes? Drum sheet music

Why learning how to read music scores is important? Why learning solfege will help you play the drums? It is very simple, same as when you speak you need to memorize the alphabet; in music, you need to learn the musical notes and its combinations in order to create different sounds. Afterwards, the organization of those sounds in time will create the rhythm. You might be saying, why does this help me to play drums? Very simple; Music is wide, as it contains tons of differentt of the aforementioned combinations or patterns. The more patterns you know, the more music you can play. Try out our drum lessons here in our Music School Brussels DamVibes

Photography of drums sheet music

Learn drum technique: How to play fast?

Sometimes, drum technique is underestimated, and that is a serious mistake. A bad technique can lead to not only a bad sound of the instrument, but also into serious injuries to both professional and amateur musicians. Drums technique, like most of the instruments,  is focused on  the muscle relaxation. The less tension and energy you use in each of your movements the better it sounds and the faster you can play. Mastering your drums playing through high level drum technique lessons will help you bring out from the most delicate sound to the most powerful one. Read more about drums technique in this article.

Picture of a drumset played by a teacher from brussels music college

Learn drums the good way: The Practice

We are sure you have watched this drummer that seems to not be able to stop moving his head, agitated, enjoying the music… Well, this is how we see music, a way of expressing ourselves. It’s not only nicer to watch a drumer giving it all, it’s just the most efficient way to learn a musical instrument, enjoying what you are playing, and having an artistic purpose as a goal. For sure, you have to repeat every section or fragment in the drum score but if you want to learn how to play drums the good way, just enjoy every single note you are playing! 

Drums musician in a Brussels Concert

Students on Brussels Music School Damvibes

See what our students say about our music classes

Anne playing maracas at percussion class

“This music academy is great, I learned how to play piano and percussion in 1 month!”Anne

Florent playing drums in Damvibes Academy

“I have been learning how to play drums since 3 years ago, now I can play difficult pieces!”Florent

Gyrsellia recording a voice track in Brussels Music Academy

“Brussels Music School is exciting, we recorded a videoclip with our piano teacher”Gyrsellia

Claire having a singing tuiton in Brussels

“I love singing The Beatles, my teacher and I sing together for 45 minutes and learn solfege 15 minutes per week!” – Claire

Katie in a singing recording session at Brussels School of Music

“I wanted to have music lessons because I love singing. Brussels School of Music Damvibes is super!”Katie

Brussels music recording Damvibes

“When I moved to Brussels I definetely wanted to have music classes like I used to have, we had a trial lesson and my mom and I just loved it!”Olivier

Frequently asked question on our drums lessons

That will depend on how good your drum teacher is! Our drums lessons cost around 35€/hour. Group drum lessons are 95€/month. Our teachers also charge 5€ extra for lessons at your place

Having a very good drum teacher in Brussels, that teach you how to use the right posture, what techniques you are using wrongly or having your tempo imprecisions corrected will always be better than not having someone guiding your through the drum learning process!

Our drum lessons are given at our music school in Atlantisplein 1 (QFactory building) but also we offer drums lessons at your place or at the teacher's studio!

We offer drum lessons that are 100% customizable; group lessons or individual lessons. In case of individual drum lessons you can also decide its length (30-45-60 min)

We are so lucky and pleased to say that our only drum teacher has been carefully selected, and has passed a very strict filter of selection. All our teachers are certified officially. And, of course, our philosophy will always be "More quality, less quantity", as simple as taking a look at his/her wonderful Curriculum Vitae

Prices of drum lessons in Brussels

Individual & Group drum lessons for kids and adults


60 minutes
23 Lesson
  • 2-4 students
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


30 minutes
25 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children


45 minutes
30 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
25% discount


60 minutes
35 Lesson
  • 1 student
  • 1 free trial lesson
  • Adults & children
30% discount

Hi there! I'm drum teacher in Brussels Damvibes

Drum lessons in Brussels may be given at your place or at the teacher's studio!

Drum teacher - Pierre
📍 Drum lessons in Anderlecht 1070
📍 I travel to student’s place
📚 Methodology of my Drum lessons

Lessons for all levels, at home or at my studio with two drumsets. The music theory comes gradually and logically (listening, initiation to reading and writing), no 100% theoretical course Adaptation to all student profiles, with the construction of a solid base to become a versatile musician.
👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for almost eight years to drum and percussion students of all ages and levels, from beginner to intermediate and more advanced. My drum lessons have brought me to Grésy sur Isère, Chambéry, Lyon, Villeurbanne, Bruxelles
Music School Brussels Damvibes
Drum teacher in Brussels Music School Damvibes
St. Genis Laval Music School – 2018
Drums teacher and percussion
🏆 Drum Awards & Performances

Active drum performer in Europe
Performing Drums in Europe: I have been performing in several music halls/clubs and festivals all over europe playing various styles of music. Performances and Bands: ASKIP Trio – groove punch – Les Amis d’Édouard – free jazz – Sauce Brésil – latin – A19 quartet – modern jazz – Wayne Shorter Project – Jazz vocal – Kirkinchu – Jazz fusion.
🎓 Music Studies & Diplomas

UV JAZZ répertoire DEM at Conservatoire régional de Lyon
Graduated in Musicology at Université Lumière Lyon II
Bachelor Jazz Drums Performing at Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles
🎌 Languages of my Drum classes

French – Native, English – Fluent
Picture of a drum teacher in brussels academy of music

Online drum courses

Online drum courses

Brussels Music School Damvibes offer online drum courses and master-classes in which students may complement their weekly lessons. Stay tuned!