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Drum lessons for Kids & Adults - Beginners to advanced

🏠 Have professional Drum lessons in Brussels, at the teacher's studio or at home!

πŸŽ“ Our Drum teachers in Brussels are certified by the best music schools in Europe

πŸ“š Learn Drum, as a kid or adult, in styles like classical, modern or jazz!

πŸ“Optionally, learn Drum sheet music reading and music theory

πŸ’¬ Brussels Drum courses in english, you choose the schedule!

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Private lessons with top Drum teachers near Brussels

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πŸ“ Drum lessons in Brussels, Center
πŸš™ You travel to me
βœ“Β  I studied music in university CatΓ³lica do Salvador in Salvador Bahia Brasil and here I study in the conservatory of the music Brussels
βœ“Β  International drummer and percussionist
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Picture for music classes at home

At your place

Brussels Music School Damvibes brings your Drum classes at your place, so you don't need to worry about dislocating!

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At the teacher's studio

Damvibes chose our Drum tutors strategically along the Brussels map, so the location doesn't become a problem!

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Picture for music lessons online

Online lessons

Most of our Drum tutors in Brussels are equipped and ready to teach online lessons in a professional way

Send a gift card with Drum lessons as a present!

Giving a pack of music lessons with a gift card is one of our strengths, and our students just love it! You just need to pick a teacher and click on “book a trial”. Select “Gift Card” and in 1 minute you will receive a 100% customized gift card right on your email!


How does Brussels Drum School Damvibes work?

πŸ“ 1. Book a trial lesson

You just need to choose a Drum teacher and fill in a quick form in less than 1 minute. We recommend you take into account variables such as location or specialties.

πŸ“… 2. Schedule a time

Our Drum teachers in Brussels will get in touch with you as soon as they can, generally, it will take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. Then, you both agree on the day/time of the lesson

πŸ‘ 3. Trial payment

Get 30% discount on your first Drum class in Brussels! The lesson is 30 minutes long. Just make sure you process the payment 24 hours before the lesson. Enjoy your first trial!

πŸ“… 4. Monthly system

After your trial lesson, our Drum teacher will get in touch with you to agree on the schedule and on the number of lessons you will have that specific month

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Prices of our Drum courses in Brussels

Drum lessons for kids and adults

60 minutes
25 Class
  • 2-4 students
30 minutes
30 Class
  • 1 student
45 minutes
35 Class
  • 1 student
20% discount
60 minutes
40 Class
  • 1 student
30% discount

FAQ over our Drum classes in BrusselsΒ 

That, dear student, will depend on how good your Drum teacher is! And definetely, our Drum tutors in Brussels are graduated from the best conservatories and music schools in Europe!Β 

The prices of our Drum lessons in Brussels may vary and will depend on the location and the length of the lessons, you can check our price table up on this page!

In Drum learning, there is no such thing as no-talent. It’ll always faster to learn Drum in Brussels as a kid, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t learn how to play an instrument. Furthermore, adults are more skilled to understand theoretical aspects such as chords, Drum notes reading or music theory.

In Brussels Music School Damvibes, we recommend to have weekly Drum lessons. Playing an instrument can be too sacrificing if you don't follow the right steps, this is to say, practice regularly, ideally everyday. 15-20 minutes per day will make the difference. The more practice the better!

How to play the drums as beginner in Brussels

Parts of a drumset: Just the beginning

If you are searching for drum lessons in Brussels for beginners, first, you should know every part of your instrument, as you are going to use different technique for each part. And because we know you are excited to start playing drum in your first class, we brought you a present: “Parts of the Drums – Diagram”. Take a look before your first drum class and surprise your drum teacher!

Drum parts of our Class in Brussels Damvibes School of Music

How to read the notes? Drum sheet music

Why learning how to read music scoresΒ is important? Why learning solfege will help you play the drums? It is very simple, same as when you speak you need to memorize the alphabet; in music, you need to learn the musical notes and its combinations in order to create different sounds. Afterwards, the organization of those sounds in time will create the rhythm. You might be saying, why does this help me to play drums? Very simple; Music is wide, as it contains tons of differentt of the aforementioned combinations or patterns. The more patterns you know, the more music you can play. Try out our drum lessons here in our Music School Brussels DamVibes!Β 

Photography of drums sheet music

Learn drum technique: How to play fast?

Sometimes, drum technique is underestimated, and that is a serious mistake. A bad technique can lead to not only a bad sound of the instrument, but also into serious injuries to both professional and amateur musicians. Drums technique, like most of the instruments,Β  is focused onΒ  the muscle relaxation. The less tension and energy you use in each of your movements the better it sounds and the faster you can play. Mastering your drums playing through high level drum technique lessons will help you bring out from the most delicate sound to the most powerful one. Read more about drums technique in this article.

Picture of a drumset played by a teacher from brussels music college

Learn drums the good way: The Practice

We are sure you have watched this drummer that seems to not be able to stop moving his head, agitated, enjoying the music… Well, this is how we see music, a way of expressing ourselves. It’s not only nicer to watch a drumer giving it all, it’s just the most efficient way to learn a musical instrument, enjoying what you are playing, and having an artistic purpose as a goal. For sure, you have to repeat every section or fragment in the drum score but if you want to learn how to play drums the good way, just enjoy every single note you are playing!Β 

Drums musician in a Brussels Concert
Picture of a drum teacher in brussels academy of music

Online drum courses

Online drum courses

Brussels Music School Damvibes offer online drum courses and master-classes in which students may complement their weekly lessons. Stay tuned!