The 12 Intervals – Music: Theory & Practice


What are Music Intervals? Intervals are one of the most important aspects in music theory and today, you are going to learn them all so you can start learning music the most efficient way!

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What are music intervals?

What are music intervals?: Technically, an interval is the distance between two different sounds or notes. Think of a measuring tape; you need intervals in music in order to classify chords, understand melodies and composing. Shall we learn music intervals today?

Music intervals explained

The number in an interval (2nd, 3rd, 4th...)

There is a number that shows the number of notes that contains the distance

A more accurate term to describe the distance

We have major, minor, augmented, perfect and diminished. Terms that express the distance in a more accurate way

Classification of the intervals according to time

We have harmonic and melodic music intervals. Harmonic intervals are notes that are played at the same time. Melodic intervals are played one note after the other

Classification of the intervals according to height

We can also see ascending intervals (one note that goes to another higher note) and descending intervals (one note that goes to a lower note)

Music intervals chart

This music intervals chart will help you analyze melodies and classify chords in seconds. The truth is that, gradually, you will get so used to analyze intervals that at some point in the future you won’t need anymore, as you will have them 100% internalized

Music Intervals Cheat Sheet

Download this music intervals worksheet in PDF!

Music Intervals Chart (cheat sheet)

Songs for Music Intervals

Thanks to these music interval – reference songs you will quickly get closer to the deep understanding of intervals, both in music theory context but also in practice, due to this ear training exercise.

Name of Interval

Nr of Semitones



Minor 2nd


Music Intervals - tips

Here you are some tips for you to remember the music intervals easily:

Music Intervals - Examples

In the next example you’ll see intervals of all kinds.

Music Intervals Examples

Music Intervals - Test (mini)

Name the music intervals above and then check the answers by clicking down here.

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